Reset emblem - why are the food and iron not returned as well?


I have used a reset emblem once. While i was expecting all the food and iron injected initially to be returned as well, none of this happened and only the emblems used were returned. Could this please be rectified? Thank you.


It’s not a bug. Only emblems are returned.


I don’t say it’s a bug. I only say it would be fair that the food and iron should be refunded as well. Thanks for your comment in any case.



20 disagreements


if you bought something then drove back home and they you decided to return the item, do they give you back the money for fuel as well?! :stuck_out_tongue: think of it in this way


Hopefully it does not set you back too far. Within this game and all of it’s glorious offers!!! Read and reread the fine print. It can and will sometimes be misleading but it states the info somewhere.

Like the tools offer that says contains up to 2 of all these nice things and some crap. Usually end up with 2 piles a crap, while there was still a chance for 4* AM.


You actually buy those?


No way, but do a quick search of all the newer people that have and start threads about getting ripped off!! I never fell for it, many have expected all the contents inside


I did hear about a dude who bought the hero pack, because it showed cards of those heroes on max level, so he thought the offer was selling maxed heroes.


Thanks. You have a point. BUT. To obtain the emblem the price itself included the iron and food. If you also consider the pack needed to ascend your hero, if you are missing any one of these, you stay where you are. And wait. And wait… Debatable in any case. Thanks for your input :+1:


Let’s say that if you have to use a reset emblem you made a strategic mystake in your deck and want to fix it.
Ham and iron are the price for that starting bad decision.

Next time you will think more carefully about your path, as every step you take has consequencies that cannot be entirely re-gain.

No item should be used lightly :wink:


I’m curious why you even want all the food and iron back myself. Is it really necessary to get all of it back? Half the time I find myself wishing I could upgrade my storages past 20 because I don’t use all my iron nor food fast enough.

You can make up all of the lost iron and food pretty quickly.

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a) I was also thinking this, and b) I suspect this is why the food and iron aren’t returned. Considering the substantial costs per node, even for rare heroes, you’re talking about a lot of materials coming back. You’d have to be very strategic in planning for that refund, or you’d just overrun your storage and lose it anyway. Sure, I could take my food to ~0 by leveling some troops before doing the refund, but I would have a hard time clearing out that much iron, especially with only one builder. Lots of considerations for very little potential reward.


Thanks. That’s one of the points. I have 2 builders and when there is a need to level up your buildings and ascend your heroes then you realise how precious the food (especially) is. Thanks very much for all your comments.


It’s easy to strip your hero from all the honours you awarded them. You just strip them of the emblems and let the world know they failed you. But you can’t get back the material used to craft their custom armour. And you can’t get back all the food the workers consumed while working on the custom armour for your hero or the feasts thrown in their honour.


Thanks for your input. Appreciate.