Reset emblem - can a dev confirm it is still possible to get one via emblem quest?

I think it would be a great idea if after an occasional quest like an emblem quest that there is a chance of getting a reset emblem. Wouldn’t that be great?

Emblem quests have (small) chance of dropping reset emblem in the loot. Not that high chance lately but we get 2 quests each week so overall, during a whole month, we can probably average 1 reset emblem stone.

Also Tournaments have slight chance of reset emblems in the loot, if you could rank in top 1% or 5%. I don’t think players reset emblems on heroes that often. Me personally have done it only once.

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I think we are on 16 quests in a row…the highest ever…without one. There are more than a few that believe the developers turned it off. Just hoping that we start getting an occasional reset emblem again.

Actually…i think it’s now 19 quests without one.


As this is an existing feature (albeit with fairly low odds) I’ll close the thread.

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