Reset Coins for Mats

We have reset Coins for emblems, which thankfully now also returns 20% food and iron.

But who thinks also having a reset for Ascension materials is a good idea? With the upset recently ( no need to mention) wouldn’t it solve all problems for players and SG at the same time.?

From what i read it seems a lot of people are going to stop spending so much on pulling hero’s. So i think a reset for Mats will not only be very lucrative for SG( damage limitation at the very least) but it will also resolve the main complaint of players and help mend trust.

I think players need to be given a choice, don’t expect people to drop their current tank unless you give them an option to change.

I.e. i may decide to take Tonics from one certain character and give them to Alberich… And go for hitter in middle instead of tank. Come on SG use your noggins…RESET COIN FOR MATS.!

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