Reset all heroes back to 4*/5* stats or give 6* status

It’s well past time for a reset. Just nerf everybody’s stats back to 5* stats for legendary. Keep the more recent heroes more powerful but keep them all below 6*, 7*, etc stats. You know… Like how it used to be when the game was fun and fair. Or else give them the appropriate number of stars. Call them mythical, whatever. But I’d rather if things were evened out.

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If you wanna give them 6* status instead, fine. But then increase the odds dramatically for the legendary heroes.

Not sure I want to be sweating getting all-new ascension mats that are even rarer than 4" mats. By the ascension logic, the 6* heroes will need 3 sets of 3* mats, 2 of 4*, and 1 of 5* (presumably 12 3*, 12 4*, and 8 5*). And those 0.2% drop rates on 5* mats (unless you get them in a rare quest with recommended team power 5500) are going to be really nasty. Presumably they would have 5 ascension levels and top out at level 100, too.

LOL wut

20 incredibly daft ideas

You left out the best part of it. Team cost. 130 is enough to bring 5 x 5* heroes to the battle field, at a cost of 26 points / 5* hero Should be increased for a 6* to some like 35 or 40, so that you shouldn’t be able to bring more than three of them to a battle, the remaining slots being compleated by 4 and 5* heroes, to fit team cost requirements. This way we wouldn’t be forced to face all 6* defenses that wipe a fully grown team out within 5 or 6 turns. Star ranking shouldn’t be awarded just like that, there should be very specific factors determining it, as indivigual power ranking aslo should. Predetermined number of points should be awarded for each individual stat value, for different mana speeds, for each individual component of the special skill and also fo pasive and talent abilities. A hero should be ranked as a 4, 5, or 6* as their score passes certain determined thresholds for each ranking. Also wearing a costume should be able to change a hero’s ranking if a threshold is crossed by equiping it, turning a 4* into a 5* and a 5* into a 6*, if that’ the case. Ascension mats should be required only if the costume crosses a threshold. This way Quintus and Khufu wouldn’t both have the same rank.


For 95% of the population no more nerfs needed. And variety explodes!

Make sure to make a tier above diamond where the big whales can all play with the same 6* heroes all day every day, like it is now.

But cut the cancer from the bulk population!