HI. There is some problems with wars… again… My second account wanted to attack the enemy, but eventually I gave up. However, despite leaving the character selection stage, my reservation still hangs. This is not the first time. The reservation disappears only after hitting. Regards

Ok. The game need some time to unblock enemy.

Was it a time issue? Did you need to turn off the second device?

The reservation thing hangs for a long time. Sometimes I’m just checking on my teams and go off to do a mission and I can see on my second account that’s it’s still there for a long time.

We have a policy on our alliance that we only check our teams on very strong opponents that we know other players won’t be trying to fight.

It freaks you out once in a while to see a new, weaker team mate jump on a 4100 team but eventually you realize they are only checking.

Seriously, it is nothing the devs can do about this problem? Today, the opponent remained reserved after I killed 2 of 5 heroes and my co-leader couldn’t clean up. Do something about this already. It is an old issue and are a lots of complains.

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