Research "train Epic heroes"

To research “train Epic heroes” in academy is needed 2927k of food. I have 2927k but I can’t

That seems odd. Maybe this is due a rounding issue. Maybe you have exactly 2.926.999 food. Which would be rounded up to 2927k in your inventory. Would getting 1k food from somewhere help?

the amounts you see are most likely rounded, that’s why you might not have enough food to to the research…
Seems you need to update another farm or food storage…

or this:


Ok. Then I have to update a food storage. Thanks

@Acertijo29 please try first collecting some more food from one of your farms…
Maybe you fill it then up to 100% and it works then…

My storage was full. I had more food but I can’t collect it. Thanks


In that scenario it seems to be a bug.
As max storage and research cost I tihnk should not be a rounded but an exact value.

@Guvnor / @Dudeious.Maximus maybe you can raise attention to Staff about this.


Can you Send a support ticket @Acertijo29… I’ll forward this to staff as well… :+1:



If I Recall Correctly, It is rounded

Example see Watchtower

I believe something similar was reported in the past

Food storage

I agree

A food storage is likely the problem




([Tip] Trick to using Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ), Extra low cost recruit training ( RT11 ), and Forge Lv01 to immediately start HA10 5* retraining research)

To find exact Food Storage just for curiosity

It can be researched, but it needs Beta shop food, and shop iron

When Beta reopens, I will have to ask some friends in Beta to test it

Rumor from Beta says base with maximum food storage, and maximum iron storage, is multiples of 1,000

None of the Beta testers I know test with teeny accounts

The best way to test on Live server is Barracks, but that requires a LOT of hoarded troops, which teeny accounts do not have


Further research eliminated all possibilities I can imagine

I do not know why this does not work

But upgrading food storage fixes it, so I am marking this Possible Bug, Non reproducible, Known work around



I suggest to remove exact quoting and just summarize this with your own words as exact quoting is against forum rules.

So just write this for example:

  • This is do to rounding issue, and support suggest to upgrade a food storage.

On Wiki anything above food storage level 4 is shown an exact thousand value, and this data is collected based on upgrades, but the game might not be able to show the exact values during upgrades.

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