[Research Math] True level of heroes & Total XP - Update 4-13



[Research Math] True level of heroes & Total XP - Update 4-13

Doing some research, needed to figure out a hero’s true level (how many times they have leveled). Posting here for storage and sharing:

3* Hero, true level at max level
tier 1 = 30, tier 2 = 70, tier 3 = 120

# #

4* Hero, true level at max level
tier 1 = 40, tier 2 = 90, tier 3 = 150, tier 4 = 220

5* Hero, true level at max level
tier 1 = 50, tier 2 = 110, tier 3 = 180, tier 4 = 260

Ascension would be the same as raising one level, but with more restrictive requirements.

If all the heroes are tier 3 and level 50, the true levels would be:
3*, 120
4*, 140
5*, 160

Edit 4-13 Adding XP Data so I can find it again
XP levels 3*- 5*

3* 1.30= 9528
3* 2.40= 9528+ 15,105= 24,633
3* 3.50= 24,633+ 25,285= 49,918

4* 1.40 = 15,780
4* 2.50 = 15,780+ 25,536= 41,316
4* 3.60 = 41,316+ 42,555= 83,871
4* 4.70 = 83,871+ 83,721= 167,592

5* 1.50 = 26,810
5* 2.60 = 26,810+ 48,455= 75,265
5* 3.70 = 75,265+ 104,850= 180,115
5* 4.80 = 180,115+ 173,484= 353,599


Stars = 5
as1 = 50 as2 = 60 as3 = 70 as4 = 80

my Thoth 5*
as1 = 50

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Great to see the supporting evidence that most 4* 4^70 is stronger than a 5* 3^70. 40 levels higher :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to share.


I’d take a level 70 albi or ares over any maxed 4 star any day,


There are quality variations and scaling questions. Both Ares and Alberich give full benefit to their allies once they have reached the eighth level of their special. Most heroes only max their special when they max their level.

Also, some heroes are simply better than others. I would rather have Joon at 3–70 over Chao at 4–70., because Joon is the best yellow hero but Chao is the weakest 4* yellow (IMO).


True, but those two HotMs are on a different level from almost any other 5*.


I agree when discussing attack special skills.

But to explore this question in more depth you need to look at healing and buff specials. I maxed 8/8 Gambler’s Stance, giving my team the full benefits, at 2.40 which was awesome for farming. Additionally 8/8 Gambler’s Stance meant I could level Wu Kong with Trainer Heros, same color heros and other color heroes without worrying about his special ability getting stuck while waiting for ascension materials. But Wu “Squishy is my middle name :smile:” Kong was really helpful when he got his defense and HP up at 3.20- 3.40 (Note 1)

Note 1)


Maxed epic heroes, at 4/70, have better stats than tier three legendary heroes, at 3/70, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Legendaries have better specials, which account for their higher combat power and which can make them more valuable in battle.

Hu Tao, for instance, has a 603 attack, 631 defense, and 1183 health at 4/70.
His maxed special deals 175% and blinds all enemies for four turns.

Justice, however, has a 512 attack, 652 defense, and 1198 health at 3/70.
Her maxed special deals 220% and blinds all enemies for four turns.

While Hu Tao has a slight edge in overall stats, I’d happily take Justice’s special (an additional 45% damage to all enemies) over Mr. Tao. Of course, every legendary doesn’t have an equally exceptional special, but many do, and many I’d take over their maxed epic counterparts.


I agree with you at the point, that the specials of 5* heroes are stronger in general, but your example is quite a bad one.

175% of 603 is 1055.25 (in total for five enemies: 5276.25)

220% of 512 is 1126.4 (in total for five enemies: 5632)

Yes, the damage Justice does with her special per enemy is slightly stronger than the one Hu does. But you also have to take the tiles into account, that are needed to activate the special. Both are “slow” heroes, so you need 12 tiles to activate the special.

So we have:

603 * 12 = 7236
512 * 12 = 6144

If you compare the normal damage per tile with the damage done by the special, you can see, that Hu does more damage in total (12512.25 to 11776).

(It might be different after the first enemie got defeated, because you can use missing tiles after that, but you need to get to that point first and then you also need the luck to be able to make tiles missing.)


Alaine, that is not the way damage is calculated in the game.

While it’s true Hu’s tiles will do slightly more damage, such a difference will be more than made up for by the damage dealt by Justice’s special.


Sorry, I’ve used the wrong word. It’s of course not the real damage done, but nevertheless it shows that in general the attack value (really don’t know how to call it correctly in English) of a Hu at 4-70 is higher than that of a Justice at 3-70. Otherwise there should be changed something with the description of the specials - preferably until yesterday.


Seems that it’s the other way around. While Justice’s special will do slightly more damage, that difference will be more than made up by Hu’s tiles. :wink:


I have them both, the one maxed and the other at the 3/70 wall; I’d take Justice every time.