Research Costs for Crafts and Training Centers


Hi Forum - quick question. I did a scan of the resources available (and a quick search here) and was curious if there was a post or document that had the research costs for the craft and training facilities.

I ask because I am trying to plan out my upgrades and know I will need more storage. For example, Time Stop was 1,077,000 meat to research. What do Tornado and Miracle Scroll cost?

Also interested in TC20 research for legendary hero’s . Heard it’s 1.3m+ to do it, but would be good to confirm.

I suppose if I had those three numbers I could survive, but it would be a great resource for newbies to plan because it may also avoid similar things like having iron mines over produce your ability to spend it like I know is a common problem/frustration.



Hi sleeper. See my just posted note on e and p data here.

It has all the data I could find including training. Still some gaps in the data though.


Ah - I saw this but based on the description I didn’t think it captured this type of stuff (more so was thinking titan loot, level loot, etc.). My bad!



Also from waaaay back when:

Timestop = 96,600 iron
Tornado = 116,000 iron
Miracle Scroll = 132,300 iron

(Empire and Puzzles RPG Wiki - Forges - Forge Items)