Rescue of alliances

I know that this topic has already been talked about, but I think it is really necessary to rescue it again.
My alliance has a couple of free places and I was looking for zombie alliances to rescue a couple of players.
My surprise was to find an alliance with 27 members and only 2 of them active. In addition to this alliance can only be entered with an invitation.
I watched her closely and saw how her players have gradually stopped playing until they are 2.
I imagine that it would end up being another one of those announced deaths (both of alliance and of players).
It really would be necessary an automatic grade ascension system within the alliances, in the event that your leader stopped playing.
Also, if I lost my account, I would like some of my colleagues to inherit my degree and thus leave my space free.

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Yes, it has been talked about many times, but nothing done so far. So a new thread is welcome.
If SG cannot solve the problems of those alliances, they should at the very least, better their tutorials, make it much easier to link to forums and other source of information. It is truly amazing the information new players DO NOT have upon entering an alliance. My alt has had 2 training alliances so far, and they are clueless abot chat, recruitment rooms, and funnily enough that they do not have to stay in an alliance. The random alliance generator is broken, and ends up showing a majority of such empty alliances, so even an adventurous newbie will end up in another half dead alliance.


I have found solutions to most everything in this forum. If I had found the forum sooner, I may have moved farther faster than I have. Unfortunately, there is nothing that might have gotten me here sooner.

This idea of getting new players to this forum is a first step toward solving your problem.

The new players know how to use the web. I am sure they all look at the wiki early on. That would be the wkik that has no mention of this forum.

There are, imo, more paths leading the newb to 7dd than here. Fixing this should not require dev assistance.

And once they find the 7dd page or chat then there is plenty of very helpful players to direct/teach them how to move on and progress.
I have not met one of them who does not help if you have a question

Frankly, chat will lead more astray than letting a new player learn throug search.

The English language peer support ingame chat seems a pretty good bunch at the times Iā€™m online and gives good advice in my experience. General chat makes my brain hurt when I stick my nose in there though.


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