Rerolling the same person in the tournament...?

Hiya, this is the first thread that I saw on this topic :slight_smile:

TLDR is that it is possible & nothing is broken… to do with the matchmaking & matching you with the best possible match.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Thank you, didnt think it was a new thing…

The bracket you were in had little people inside.

I don’t think that’s the way the algorithm works though. I had opponents late in the tournament who had very low points and apparently were game over on day 2 or so. And the few times when i didn’t pay gems to continue i have still been attacked until the last day. I don’t think matchmaking is connected to the other players performance. Neither his offense nor his defense performance. I don’t see that… However, algorithm allows the same opponent twice which shouldn’t be the case in a tourney like that imo.

I just faced the same opponent back to back in raid tournament. Won first time, lost 2nd. Anyone ever experience this before? Glitch?!

Hiya @SassyPants ,

I’ve merged your thread into an existing forum thread which answers the question or shares the same topic/idea that your thread does.

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