Rerolling the same person in the tournament...?

Hiya, this is the first thread that I saw on this topic :slight_smile:

TLDR is that it is possible & nothing is broken… to do with the matchmaking & matching you with the best possible match.

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Thank you, didnt think it was a new thing…

The bracket you were in had little people inside.

I don’t think that’s the way the algorithm works though. I had opponents late in the tournament who had very low points and apparently were game over on day 2 or so. And the few times when i didn’t pay gems to continue i have still been attacked until the last day. I don’t think matchmaking is connected to the other players performance. Neither his offense nor his defense performance. I don’t see that… However, algorithm allows the same opponent twice which shouldn’t be the case in a tourney like that imo.

I just faced the same opponent back to back in raid tournament. Won first time, lost 2nd. Anyone ever experience this before? Glitch?!

Hiya @SassyPants ,

I’ve merged your thread into an existing forum thread which answers the question or shares the same topic/idea that your thread does.

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Yesterday I lost (the first) two fights in the tournament. In one case my opponent had a somewhat particular defence team, that I found hard to counter. I didn’t just lose, I lost big time. Today I find myself confronted with the very same opponent. This feels extremely unfair and should not happen IMO.

I’ve been thinking about it, is bugs & issues the right category? To me this is certainly an issue. I realize that it can happen when opponents are selected randomly, although the odds should be really slim, but it doesn’t feel right at all. It should not be possible to get the same opponent again.

In my unmathemathical estimate, that sort of thing happens much less likely than pulling Myztero as a lucky draw.

Quick! Do some summoning. You might be lucky.!!

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That remark just made my day :joy::joy::joy:

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This happened to me like 4-5 times already, but except one time, I won both fights. 1 time I lost the first fight and lost the second one :laughing:. Yeah it’s weird that you can draw the same opponent twice sometimes from about 1.5 milion participants.

Might have happened to me more often too, I usually pay little attention to the names of my opponents. If this one didn’t have this unusual team, I most likely wouldn’t have noticed now either…

But if it happens that often, then something seems to be off with the match making

This has happened to me before. More than once. I sent in a ticket when the system matched me with a 4-ninja team twice. I lost both times. CSO says that they “will take my feedback into consideration” when I reminded them that the matching algorithm is created by them and therefore it can be revised to omit repeat matching. Since it’s still happening, it says a lot about the Dev’s attitude towards player satisfaction.

Same thing happened to me an hour ago, made an account to post here but I don’t know how to start a new thread so I’m commenting in your thread since the problem is the same. Was able to beat them both times though!

Exactly, it should. I was amazed that they didn’t think of that themselves while developing the tournaments and I’m stunned to see that SG apparently thinks it’s okay now that it has been reported.

It may not be a bug, but obviously it’s an issue. And when they say it’s unlikely and rare, I say scroll through the posts and see how unlikely and rare it really is. And keep in mind that a vast majority of the players won’t notice it or won’t bother to report it.

Here’s my input. Definitelly not as uncommon as one would think…

I imagine being on the loosing side of such occurence feels rather ■■■■■■…

I just had this happen, also one after the other. Won the first and lost the second — tiles were better the first time, obviously…

Have you determined why you gained a single point more on your first attack than your second attack to the same player?

I find it odd that the possible scores would differ if you are attacking the same team more than once on a raid tourney.

No idea, but, based on the pics posted around on this subject, a 1 or 2 points difference seems to be normal under such circumstances.

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Yeah, well, it seems to be a normal abnormality. It’s not like prices of crude oil in the world market where it fluctuates every now and then. There should be consistency on this.

@Petri @mhalttu @Sara @EmpiresPuzzles

Do you have a reasonable explanation to this? Of the thousands of players, if not millions of accounts, there must be something off in your coding where certain players in raid tourneys encounter the same player, not to mention getting different scores when you are victorious on every hit against the same player.

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