Rerolling the same person in the tournament...?

Legitimately just rolled the same person twice in a row in the current raid tournament… How is that possible…?

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Check if there are in the same ally. The same teams could be a duplicate name and icon

And badge w a unique name and rare avi worth identical points minus the small difference for the first loss? Astronomically long odds of it being two separate accounts. It’s the same person.

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This has been reported before and screens showed that persons can get the same opponent in a tournament.
I guess the selection criteria for match making are so strict that the pool of opponents is not that big.

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It is 100% the same person… Same defence, same name, same icon, same background, same pin same everything…

Algorithm should exclude players I already faced this tournament…

Personally I agree with you there.
I would also not like to have to battle the same team/person two times in a row.

If Algorith shoulndt exlclude players you already faced;

Its not impossible to get same opponent twice, for example ;

You have 500 points, opponent have 500 points, for logical thats the best match. Then you won the battle and have reach total of 1000 points, as the time opponent won the battle against someone else and reach total of 1000 points. After that it is you both have 1000 points and logically thats the best match.

Then the system should use 2nd best match to exclude the opponent I already fought.

what you say is logical, but it is also a choice. and it looks like they choose not to do it.
dont get me wrong here, i am not standing a side, just try to make explanation.

Every time I win in the tournament my next opponent is a stronger defense, not the same strength.

Unless that particular opponent has the strongest defense available (but then he’d just lost so it should have been downgraded)…

You should not face same opponent twice, especially not twice in a row.

To be completely honest, I don’t mind fighting the same opponent twice (or multiple times) as long as I can win :laughing:

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And now it happened to me.

The same opponent twice. I’m 100% confident it’s the same player. The same alliance (I checked alliance and there is only one player with that nick and avatar), same tournament defense, same raid defense.

And I scored 2 points less for the second victory…

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As title said,
I just got a defeat versus a player in this tournament and now my next opponent is the same guy x).
Working as intended with a very very very very very low chance that could happen or a bug?
To not help me, the team I am facing was top 10 after day 2 lol

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Hiya mate,
Thanks for the post, unfortunately this isn’t a bug.

Check this for a longer explanation:

Couple other threads addressing this:

Thread I made when it happened to me:

Some others:

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Hi everyone, hope we doing well.

I would like to know if anyone has came up against the same team on the same day before?

I thought there would be something written into the match making part that would stop this from happening…

Thoughts/comments please?

No one in my alliance has seen it happen before either.

Thanks in advance

Even 2 consecutive times happened to me.

After accounting for the number of tournament trophies, it appears that the opponent is random and it is possible to encounter the same person on the same day twice if both of you are in the same bracket.

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