Reroll/Reset/Shuffle/Scramble the Opening Board Tiles [MASTER]

I have not seen a topic with this idea but there might be one floating out there.

How many times have we gone into a war or match with a solid team thinking hey this is a good strategy, as long as I get one opening play I have a shot at winning this war. opening board hits and immediately the only thing you see is 3 tiles your opponents strong against or 8 yellow tiles against that guin tank and you immediately think, well I’m boned.

My thought is why dont we have an option for one random board reset at the start of each battle. this would allow you a chance to avoid that I’ve lost before your first move feeling or if that is too much what if we could opt to remove one row from the board for a random new row of tiles. this would at least give you a fighting chance in a desperate scenario.

I know the first option is way more swaying and swing battles in favor of the offense which I dont love but the second idea has more thought involved as to what to remove and could give you a fighting chance on a cruddy board.

There seems to be a frequent problem with people getting terrible boards in wars/raids. So I think it would be neat to add an option to reroll your board once at the start of every match. That would add a strategy element of “can I deal with this board? Or do I risk possibly getting an even worse board with the chance of getting a good one.” This would give the player a little more control and relieve some frustrations at the game

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Give us the option for at least one board reset during war attacks and tournament raids

Hi @Wrecking_Ball

Interesting idea. Do you mean like a tornado, or a complete redo before you start?

My question would be, if I can reset a board, and my opponent can reset a board, it doesn’t actually make it any difference to the outcome of the war - so why change it?

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Yes something like that. I think it would affect wars in some scenarios especially in field aid wars. When you are lower level and trying to clean up on a stronger opponent there are times you get a crappy board at the start and field aid heals the opponent back up before you can finish them off so it results in wasted flags and then someone stronger has to hit. This is just one scenario I have seen pretty frequently.

I can see it might help with that feeling of frustration for sure, but assuming the opponent is doing the same, it doesn’t actually make you more likely to win overall

So is the idea just to improve that level of frustration, even though the net improvement is nil?

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Well I am not sold on it always playing out fairly even if the other team is having it happen because war matchups are never completely equal matchups with the same starting boards for everyone. Knowing to what extent it would or would not affect an outcome is above my pay grade so to speak lol. I merely just made a suggestion that I would like to see and yeah maybe it is more focused around player frustration levels than outcomes but we do play for enjoyment don’t we? At the end of the day, it’s a game to be enjoyed so if there are things that could be implemented to make it more enjoyable then I think it should be considered. I appreciate the discussion though.

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I get alot of starting boards with a single move. Usually results in the next 3 moves resulting in no combos. If you go 5 rounds without a single combo, you’ve lost.

Anyway, this is similiar to suggestions on other posts to include alliance field filters, battle items, etc… never got much response. Be nice, but something that will probably never happen. :slight_smile:

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Add this. The single most frustrating thing about this game is when you enter a raid that you should in all rights win easily, but you lose, and then you lose again, and then again, because every time your board looks like someone ejected their stomach contents onto it. With 1 possible ■■■■■■ move to make, and it won’t even scramble afterwards because you get another, new, ■■■■■■ move to make, constantly.

This is the single most annoying thing about raids and I’m fully confident that a simple button to scramble the board at the cost of your turn would help a lot with it.

That’s literally half of what battle items tornado does, which you can’t use in raids. Also as currently coded any reshuffling can cause a Cascade. If you could reshuffle at will no one would lose any raid attempt.

Sure, bad boards happen but without the random factor much of the enjoyment of succeeding would be gone.


There was an idea in the “build your own hero” post about creating a hero who could shuffle the board for raids. Just figuring out a way to make them useful on defense as well is tricky.

As you said yourself, you can’t use the tornado in raids. And I’m not talking about a button that you can just keep pressing to reshuffle the board whenever like with the tornado. This would be a button that would actually use up your turn, and I don’t see how that would make it impossible to lose, it’d just prevent ■■■■■■ losses.

And I don’t remember feeling more fulfilled and enjoying my wins more because oh look, I didn’t get unlucky with a bad board. This is the stupidest thing you could ever say about randomness. I sure as hell enjoy a win that came from good plays more than I do one that I got because I didn’t get unlucky.

It would create a terrible imbalance if everyone could scramble the board until they arrived at one of their liking.

Reshuffle raid board is little cheat. May it is good idea for special skill for new Heroe. If there will be button like this one you must loose something for balancing it or all enemy will on the move…

Having a hero that does this would be useless for everyone who doesn’t have that hero. And if a hero has that ability you still need to in the first place get enough mana in their color, doesn’t exactly help much when your only valid move from the start is a 3 tile move and then another 3 tile move and so on. You’ll be dead before the hero ever matters. And you do lose something, your turn, the enemy still attacks and gains mana while you reshuffle.

All your heroes lose 20% hp to scramble!

Since that we can’t use the same heroes in each fight in AW, can we be provided with at least a chance to reshuffle the board?

Since that the enemy has their aid with attack boost, arrow barrage and heal aid for the defense side, maybe the offense side can have reshuffle board as our aid? And for using the aid to reshuffle the board, the bonus win points will be slightly reduced. Each player have 2 chances to use the aid throughout the game, one in first half and the other one in second half time, and player can only reshuffle once in each fight.

Because messed up tiles are really frustrating. If in raids, we can fight again using the same team if we lose. But in war, we can’t do that.

Reshuffling the board might not guarantee the player to win the fight but at least there’s help and chance for us to win.

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I never thought of this idea. I like it!

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