Required Experience and Food calculator for any hero

@DJQuixo , I Could have used all of that information a while ago. Thanks for posting it now though. My tables are nearly done.

Completed with help from Freakshow, Eddard, Prophet of Loss, Gentoo and Luiz from King of the North; Shadow from Shade; JeeDee & Censure from Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy and probably a few others I cannot recall right now.


Hi Gryphonknight,
You may have gotten your answer already - but here is a summary:

The tan is the exp of a different color hero fed to another hero.
The Diff Color and Same Color are the total number of respective heros needed to reach the 353,559 exp for a 5 Star from Level 1.1 to 4.80.
The Red 22M, 8.6M and 5.3M are pretty sound estimates of the food required for each hero.


Here is a 4 star screen shot same data.

and 3 Star Table:


The amount of experience required for each new level follows a different quadratic equation for each ascension of each star hero. So with just a few data points - say 5 or 10 to be safe, of empirical data for heros, an equation can be fit and the experience curves can be generated. Then you simply sum up the proper range of the formulas that you want to calculate. The formulas were presented (in a poor text form) above. I hope you didn’t manually input all the data by hand!

10+20 = 30 total levels 1 Star
20+30+40 =50 2 Star
30+40+50 = 120 3 Star
40+50+60+70 = 220 4 Star
50 +60+70+80=260 5 Star
= 680 total levels for All ascensions all stars

I noticed your values are different from mine by about 3 to 5 EXP total points. Perhaps I have some rounding errors…

This is cool.

So if you are using Extra low cost training, with the occasional Extra fast ( RT 11 ) and Uncommon ( RT02 ) it will be approximately 15.45M ( the average of the two ) for different color and approximately 12.9M for same color.

==Per month==

Approximate 3*, 4*, 5*
2.5x ( to 3.0x ), 9.5x ( to 11.43x ), 54x ( to 64.89x )

==Per Year==

Approximate 3*, 4*, 5*
30x ( to 35x ), 114.3x ( to 133.35 ), 648.9x ( to 757.05x )

NOTE: these estimates will be off depending on play style since watchtower must be emptied every 12.8 hours and farms must be emptied every 21.8 hours for maximum food production.


==Per 30 days==

14321 per hour x 24 hours x 30 days = 10,311,120 food

9x Farms
9x 5300 per hour x 24 hours x 30 days = 34,344,000 food

Total food = 44,655,120 per 30 days
or 2.8x to 3.5x 5*4.80

==Per 365 days==

14321 per hour x 24 hours x 365 days = 125,451,960 food

9x Farms
9x 5300 per hour x 24 hours x 365 days = 417,852,000 food

Total food = 543,303,960 per year
or 35x to 42x 5* 4.80


22,384,007 / 5,874,534 = 3.81x ( ratio if leveling 4* instead of 5* )
22,384,007 / 1,034,417 = 21.63x ( ratio if leveling 3* instead of 5* )

==Building storage==

Watchtower 184,000 / 14,321 = 12.84 hours of storage

Farm 116,000 / 5300 = 21.88 hours of storage


Hi Thrashina,
Can you share the link to the spreadsheet?

You folk’s are absolutely amazing, if I could get you all together and steal you from your Job’s I would go back to work for the IRS and we would rewrite the entire IRM and finally fix the system, at least the tax part.

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I got it. Thank you thrashina

For those confused with the numbers, here is just the raw data and the amount of experience it takes to traverse each level of ascension.

There is a more complete one out there that has yet to be published publicly. I’ll leave it to the Author to step forward if he/she wishes to do so.

Censure/Prophet of Loss


Your brain is too big for me. If you get a chance or time to dumb in down a bit I would love to just understand. That is beyond the obvious that you’re calculation will allow us to guesstimate how long and how much to maximize any given hero.

I’ve been saving up purple heroes for the 10X and 6 tokens i’m going to do at the beginning of feburary on the hunt for the elusive 5* purple. I have been calculating the total xp these heroes stashed will provide and I thought to myself “my 4/34 Rigard would probably be maxed right now if I just fed him all of these” and now I know that that’s not true and will continue saving for the next 3 days. Thank you @thrashina for creating these spreadsheets and this post. I’m glad I didn’t have to figure out how to do all this. Just getting the xp per level information would be difficult enough.

:grinning::sweat_drops:… You must: 1- be the reincarnation of Albert Einstein. 2- be really dedicated to the game. 3- have waaaaay too much time on your hands. :wink: Nice work.

How do you access that?

Hope this hopeful. Exp calculator for heroes in Google Sheet. Simply fill in the start and end levels.

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Costumes need 75% of food per hero used to level.

Total food

Off color feeding is 2x HXP so approximately total 37.5% food of base hero ( 0.75 x ( 1 / 2 ) ).

Same color feeding is 3x HXP so approximately total 25% food of base hero ( 0.75 x ( 1 / 3 ) ).

Actual values will vary depending on heroes used to level.


Hmm i cant seem to adjust the numbers on my phone… can someone check for me how much food is needed to get from 4/1 to 4/80?

the excell file is probably secured,because you can’t change values to get a result,any idea @thrashina?

The macros only run in excel. But from 4.1 to 4.80 it will take 173,498 exp. And approx 8M food. If you run 4 tc11s continuously you can get the exp in about 13 days.

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What is the food cost leveling a 5* hero

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