Required elements to upgrade heroes


I have two issues with the heroes

  1. Upgrading The Special Skill levels

  2. Gaining Required Tools To Ascend Heroes

  3. I have all my heroes on max level so can only level up the special skill level but this is nearly impossible. I have try 10 of their own species and ten high graded heroes AND 10 normal heroes to train with and have only succeeded on 3 or 4 occasions to upgrade the skill. I must have wasted over 400 heroes doing this in all the time I’ve been playing.

  4. I have two 4 star heroes I have been trying to ascend for 6wks and 3wks respectively with no success as it seems impossible to get the required elements to activate the upgrade

Would it be possible to say swap loot or battle items plus food and/or iron as a trade to gain these elements


That’s rough luck. I’ve done 3 special upgrades in a row before, and also I’ve been stuck on level 6 with Balthazar for months including the last 8 elemental attempts, including a 56 percent chance that failed. And then I turned around the same day and hit level 8 with Skittleskull. Sometimes it just works that way.


There are several open threads on these topic(s). Please search open topics before opening duplicates.

You’re in good company though!