Request to shrink the interface. Screen is cluttered

Please consider reducing the icon sizes on the Base screen. Doing so could add more to the 2nd menu page as well. With the offers and new icons, what already felt squeezed in, is making me claustrophobic.

PoV takes up space as well. I would prefer large icons to be reduced to begin with.

Or perhaps give the menu option 3 layers rather than 2.

And for a real long shot - make the menu layers customisable :smiley:


That is a great idea, too

oh, i get tired just by looking into the screen, it is so cluttered with two offers and costume chamber active. please make buttons smaller or something.

Please get rid of the Facebook connection icon on the base screen. There’s already enough clutter on that screen and I really don’t want to be looking at the Facebook logo while playing. I have no intention of linking to a Facebook account so please just get rid of it.

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