Request to make raids less random


I have a lot of fun with this game and have dumped some money in it to advance.
I’m level 24 now and enjoy leveling up my characters and making the best use of my resources.

The only thing that bugs me is the apparent randomness of the raids. It’s absurd really. There’s no point
in leveling or advancing your toons, or trying different strategies, when you have just as much chance of being beat
by someone much less powerful than you as you do being beat by someone more powerful than you.

IMO it really ruins an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable game.

Tile placement, random?

Any suggestions on how to make a “match-3” based game less random?

Not trying to provoke, just curious as to how you would lower the randomness and still keep the raid part interesting.


There could just be a greater chance for like tiles. I feel like there’s moments when that happens already, but I’m not
a programmer so I don’t know. I’m sure something’s possible though.

In the case of raids there could just be a slower increase in the opponent’s mana/power depending on the difference
of power.


I’m still curious as to how that would ripple through the game.

Different opponent mana gain based on power difference for example.

For Defense:
Stronger team gain mana more slowly?
Making it easier to beat stronger players.
Stronger team gain mana faster?
Making it much harder to beat stronger teams.

Weaker teams gain mana more slowly?
Making it easier to beat weaker opponents.
Weaker teams gain mana faster?
Making it harder to beat weaker opponents.

For offence:
Stronger team gain mana more slowly?
Making it harder to beat weaker players.
Stronger team gain mana faster?
Making it much easier to beat weaker teams.

Weaker teams gain mana more slowly?
Making it harder to beat stronger opponents.
Weaker teams gain mana faster?
Making it easier to beat stronger opponents.

Would this modify or replace the existing fast/average slow speeds and how the current hero’s stats that are “balanced” around those speeds?

That kind of change combined with boards that generate predictably “better” or “worse” tile randomness and cascading could create a situs ton where you could look at opponents and more predictably say: “This is a win. That is a loss” etc.

Them what would be the point of raiding other than re-rolling for maximum cup gain and just let the computer autoplay for you?

And would you still be able to roll the same opponents? Even though your “win-chance” is predictably greater against some?

This turned out to be a long post, with mostly random thoughts around your suggestion. :slight_smile:

But personally I like the fact that no raid is “safe”!
And definatly think your choice of heros, their levels and their placement within the team can make a big difference.


The whole point is to be able to pick a win more easily. It’s balanced by the fact that there’s less of a reward as far as rank.
Why do we even have the option to re-roll an opponent when it doesn’t matter anyway?

I imagine there is some advantage to rearranging your team. But I think that’s more for defense really. When you’re on offense the computer just hits whomever it wants.That’s what bothers me about the whole thing, there’s little to no strategy about it. Might as well have the auto-play feature in raids cause it doesn’t matter what you do anyway.


I guess that’s where we see the game diffrently then :slight_smile:

I like that you can’t pick a safe win, that would make it boring in my opinion.


Don’t get me wrong, some amount of randomness is fun,
but there should also be some advantage to being a higher level.


Exactly. If somebody should have maxed heroes and troops they should easily destroy maxed 3* with slightly leveled troops. However, that’s not the case. Especially, with a bad board that stays bad.


I think if they get rid of cups and use team power for raids determinations instead that would match up people better


I’m really curious as to where you’re getting this.

I don’t have maxxed heros and troops and I would obliterate any 3* team, heck I win against most fully ascended 4* teams, my streak is something like 69 wins in a row. If I’m evenly matched yeah a bad board is going to wreck me (bad board I define as even numbers of tile colors and only one possible match on the board each time… it is pretty rare I get an utterly unworkable board in raids, titans there’s way more options for
bad board heh), especially if the AI does something smart for once. On the flipside my alt got something like 5 stupidly good boards in a row this morning and just walked through even some higher level teams.

That said, on said alt, I get hammered by the aforementioned max 4* teams. Less hero development, less synergy in card selection, you name it… and actually to be fair the alt is pretty capable but struggles with targets currently around 1700 cups whereas the main stomps on most opponents through 2200 or so and that was two weeks ago, I suspect I will do better next time I try pushing to see.

Without understanding where they are in the progression I can’t really make suggestions to people beyond the basics when it comes to raiding tactics, but your heroes matter, your hero level and skill levels (definitely) matter, and how you play matters… and yes there’s some dumb luck RNG involved but that’s a match three game for you.

I’m of the opinion that raiding heavily favors the attackers: the AI is well known (by me anyway from observation and insight from others) and I can pick any card that I have in my deck… the defense is fixed, and as Sun Tzu teaches us, that is no bueno when defending.


I play a lot of smart AIs. They always target whomever is close to full mana or on full mana. I’m lucky to ever get even 7tiles of a set color before the enemy specials go off. Only when the board gets me a 6+ combo do I have a good chance. Ive changed to a 3color team which works much better since tiles will kill now. With the 5 color team I had little luck. I was running Hel(t3), Athena, Marjana, Vivica, and Kadilen all t2. Now I run Vivica, Athena, Hel, Isarnia, and Justice. This team is way better. Maybe I’m the only player who ia terrible with raids or just has regularly terrible boards. When I was new I never had issues with matching boards and raiding.


Thats how i target i go after the fast manna first then the tank then the slow ones so i go after their strongest to the weakest


We disagree then on smart: predictable is not smart in my opinion.

Advanced raiding tip: if you have a hero you really want to get their special up on, but you see a big nasty special that’s going to whack your hero ready to fire and you can’t do anything about it: make some other match on the board to goose someone else’s mana, sacrifice that hero, and then come back to the match you really want.

Scarlett I love you dearly, Balthazar you were epic for me, and Elkanan, well at least you’re fast… but you just aren’t as important as saving the almighty hero destroyer that is Athena. If you know the AI, you can take advantage of it.

What cup value are you hunting at? I would kill to have some of those heroes (Hel and Marjana in particular, they’re awesome) and you have Athena, my guess is you’re facing higher level ascended teams (4^4 > 5^2) at a cup value around 1800-2000?

Just guessing, but if you’re losing to 3*'s with that lineup you may well need to improve your tactics TBH :). Another semi-advanced raiding tip: trigger the enemy specials when you want them, and focus attacks on one to eat the special which isn’t going to kill you outright while you’re building up your own… that’s usually the tank, which is why for me Colen and Azlar tanking and to a lesser extent Quintus are nothing but pain, I just can’t kill them fast enough. Random matches of various color tiles all over the board, yeah that’s not going to go so well. Focused matches to get a useful special up (and you have tons of them) for the win… you don’t even care what they are really, though I consider vivica to be a poor choice for raid attack, and kadilen is an odd duck which might be awesome when used well on raid attack, or maybe not.


Yes, I try to target non damage dealers first, but all too often I find myself 3 hereos down before my firat special. Kadilen is meh all in all except that she can save me from specials. Vivica is really awesome. For me Hel and Athena get pounded easily and frequently. Vivica’s special usually is a life saver, sometimes she’s a turn too late. I do know that in a slugfest Vivica with just Athena or Hel will win the match 90% of the time. I wish greens were stronger and I wish there were better healer options too. Soon I hope. My slow attack is tons better than the fast team I had been using. Yes, Im raiding between 2000 and 2200 regularly with close to maxed 4* and or t3 5*. So, yeah I’m often outclassed, but they are far easier to veat than the 3* teams. Very odd. In other games I’ve played. A 3* couldnt even kill an unleveled 5* and a t2 5* would kill a maxed 3* within 2 basic hits. I just need to wrap my head around the much stronger 3* here.


There aren’t 3* teams playing at that level in my experience so I honestly don’t know how you’re getting that comparison.

You need to drop down to around 1200 to really find them consistently. I play lowball around 1500-1700 and it’s rare that I pull a 3* team honestly.

I think your experience may have ben colored by prior experiences but if you’re max 5^2 you will destroy 3* teams unless you’re doing something awkward honestly. I don’t know what your fast options are but I ran all damage for that 69 win streak with some mix of max 4^3 and 5^2 cards at the time, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that at 2000 cups… though I am seeing higher level teams now at the same cup value range so I don’t know what happened in the intervening few weeks heh.


Outside of who makes up my team I have little choice in what matches to make. Id say around 70% of my matches are the only matches on the board. Titan battles are way easier I’m almoat always able to set up solid hits. Ill try to record a raid. If I can post a video I will.


I think raiding has too high a price for way too small a reward. I find it utterly ridiculous to be paired as a level 12 player with trophies in the 400s with anyone above a level 15 - and I promise you, I see levels 16 -23 with double to QUINTUPLE my trophies WAY more often than I see level 15 and below with fewer trophies. I should not have to reroll 12-20 times to find someone I think I stand a chance of beating. And yes, I do look at players who are above me, and even raid some of them.

My recommendation is on raiding, the levels should be within +/- 3 and either power or trophies should be within some percentage, which I’m not qualified to make a suggestion about. And I do not want to be paired with a +3 or +max percentage player any more frequently than 1 time in 4.

I don’t know if that’s possible, but right now raiding is just not fun, and I’m on the verge of quitting altogether. Raiding for sure, but I’ve not ruled out quitting the game. I suppose that depends on how supportive this community is.




Your level has absolutely nothing to do with power, it is just how long you have played. Many spend money to get a high power team but might still be at low levels.

The raid pairing doesn’t look at level or team power, it looks at cups. It will give you targets in ± 280 cup range. Other than that I don’t know what logic it uses. It doesn’t seem to be totally random either.

So what you are saying you at 400 cups get 2000 cup players as targets? No, can’t happen.

The outpost fight at end of a province used to be an exception, you could get really strong or weak targets there. I don’t know if that has been fixed. I completed all the provinces ages ago. But in normal raids, you can’t get 2000 cup targets beeing at 400 yourself.


I think for outpost raids you almost always get someone far beneath your power; this was true even when I was new (Sharan in middle opponents) but I started in 1.5.

Keren: early raiding is not fun; it is worth spending the flags because you might get lucky but just look at it as bonus loot if you win. Don’t reroll, don’t worry about losses, just focus on levelling your heroes which is the path to doing better in raids and everywhere else in game too.

Ignore the cups for now, if you decide to chase those later you can but having heroes developed will be far more important for your long term enjoyment of the game than any short-term cup value so focus on levelling them, it does get better!