Request to have my lazy construction workers build a pawn shop

Would like to get a pawn shop built to pawn off all the excess items in my inventory…

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Oh yes, please!!! :slight_smile:
While I can put swords and backpacks to good use, I would certainly like to pawn / sell those thousands of leather armor and basic manuals :wink:

In our alliance, we have started to fry those mushrooms and to serve them with roast titan. But, as the mushrooms are blue, they have produced some unexpected results. Don’t try this at home! :wink:

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Tried that too. Results were as follows: 12316248_1094651637232255_9100607460456634081_n

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Items that today look like surplus may become very valuable. Those sharpening stones? TC20. Rugged clothes? TC19. It’s not true for everything, but some the worth of some things only becomes clear later in the game.

And what are you doing with all those unused backpacks?? I burn them as fast as I can farm them in TC2.


I burn through my food so fast, that I have to wait for it to push more in training. lol

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