Request to enable select-copy from in-game text

I’m one of the people keeping stats for our alliance. Allies power, Enemies power, Attack power, Defense power etc etc etc.

So it becomes extremely time-consuming and not fun at all not having the ability to select and copy text from the game. E.g. copy all the names of our allies or enemies and paste them in a text message/email.

Or copy the characteristics of a single hero and paste them in the game chat or another app.

Or copy the description of another alliance and translate it.

And of course, copy the link someone posted and paste it in our browsers to direct people to threads with useful information here like farming etc.

At the moment, the only way to do it is to:

  • either enter all data manually on a spreadsheet and update them every single time (e.g. wars)

  • or screenshot the text / hero / alliance description / members’ list etc., edit the picture to monochrome picture so that only 2 colours are visible (black and white) and then run it through an OCR, which doesn’t always produce the desired results.

Can the developers please enable this select-copy-paste function to all members, or at least to leaders/co-leaders?

Thank you!

Had a non-English speaking person join our alliance a while back. They were very vocal in chat, but I had to download a third party app… screen shot what this person said. Translate it in the app - which was far from user friendly - and then transcribe back to the chat. Then needed to have another app (google translate) to translate my message back to him in his language.

It was a mess. But he was nice and friendly so I wanted him to feel included. It woulda been a lot easier if I could’ve just copied his message.

So yes. Please do this.

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Indeed, I’ve been in a similar position many times in the past!

Great suggestion that really needs to be implemented :slight_smile:

Right now it’s a pain keeping track of alliance participation in titan fights/war. The OCR approach kind of works but is a weee bit clumsy.

As mentioned earlier it would be beneficial for players to be able to copy links posted in chat, eg. The alliance “name_social_media” channel (some of those links are really annoying to type). I realize that in general chat this would lead to a whirlwind of malware/spam links but it could (could it?) be implemented for Alliance chat only.

My short list of copy needs:
• Titan/war score table
• Titan/war event log
• Alliance chat messages

Great suggestions, and to these I would add the Enemy Player names and attack/defense team power.

As well as the Allies names and powers from the Members (trophies) table. :slight_smile:

Will continue to upvote all requests for copy/paste of titan/war logs.

Would be awesome to be able to do this.

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I noted that we can’t copy and paste from chat to others in alliance. Would be helpful since players all over the world if we could copy and paste into translation program such as Google translate. Write response back again translated. Better communication and learn more about each other too.

@Rogarz I moved this to the #ideas-feature-requests section so people can vote to support it, and changed the name so it’s clearer what it’s for. :slight_smile:

@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic:

Thanks, Zephyr1! :slight_smile:

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I think there are significant issues to doing that in game chat but a translator in game chat is used in many games so I think would be a better solution…at least a faster one.

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Screen shots and Line or Discord together make amazing tools for record keeping. I agree e & p needs an ingame translator though.

I know this isn’t as helpful as copy-pasting would be, but the mobile App for Google Translate supports “screenshot-reading”, no third app needed.

I use this feature everytime we get to fight against a Russian alliance yet again and I want to know if they’re sh*t-talking about us in their description :smiley:

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We always have a war spreadsheet; battling a Russian alliance, we then have to enter in a bunch of Cyrllic names, which is harder for “standard” alphabet-trained brains. Fortunately we have a Russian in the alliance who can do this quickly.

What would be even better is a proper Empires & Puzzles API that could be queried for useful information, like all the names of players in an alliance.

Since we have so many people of different languages that play the game. It would be nice if you all could add the copy text option to the alliance chat. This will make it easier to communicate with our teammates who don’t speak the dominant language in that alliance. I think it would make the game and our alliances more inclusive. Thanks :roll_eyes:

@Chocobettyboop I find it annoying you can’t copy from the chat too.

It’s an idea that’s been brought up several times, and has a main thread for consolidating ideas and support:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

A chat without copy/paste is not a real chat… It would be very nice to have basic functionalities like copy/ paste to share more


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