Request to Delete Forum Account

I recently completed the process to delete my game account, and I’m now seeking assistance in deleting my associated forum account.

Everytime I sent a ticket to the support the answer is the following:

:warning: Mod edit: Directly quote of Support answer is removed as posting it is against the forum rules.

Removed details: Forum accout can not be deleted without game account details. Try in game suport (it can be done on a newly created user too)

Is there any other way? I do not want to create another game account to solve the problem.


I suppose you have tried to use this site for requesting the deletion, right ?

I am unsure whether deleting your account is possible at all or not as I see this on admin area of the forum:
" Users can’t be deleted if they have posts. Delete all posts before trying to delete a user. (Posts older than 60 days old can’t be deleted.)"

But I can forward this topic to Staff.

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Your best option is the link above thanks @PlayForFun .

Give as much information as possible take a screen shot of this topic or send a link.

You will get a generic response at first ,Someone will get back to you about your issue.

Take care all the best in the future for you. :green_heart::+1:

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LOL so there is a two month trial period for an account, and then you are stuck with us.

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