Request to buff Khiona

As the title says, I think Khiona needs a buff. Currently she is less useful than Sartana which is a regular hero. I do not think Khiona needs a serious change, but maybe fast mana or a change to her attack boost. Maybe make her attack boost not reliant on getting hit or spread it to all the allies.

I am not really full of ideas on how to buff her, as you can probably see, so if anyone has some better suggestions feel free to comment and hopefully devs will see it.

I’ve read that hero changes are going to be included in next version of the game so I hope devs are considering or will consider Khiona buff.

If trades would ever be implemented I would give you my 4.80 Sartana for a 4.01 Khiona.
You would even gain a lot of feeders :wink:

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Increasing Mana speed is always a serious Buff. If Thorne would be changed to fast Mana, even he would become an awesome hero (and he’s one of the worst currently).

Khiona is already pretty nice, increasing her mana speed would make here terribly strong, overpowered. Also other changes aren’t necessary methinks as there quite some other HoTM who are less useful than her (among the purple Thoth Amun for instance). Needless to speak about the trainable 5* heroes :wink:

Some people really think she is great, I think she’s ok. As mentioned above, there are others in worse need of a buff than she is, but a small buff like extending her special by a turn or two would make her more compelling and not make her OP

She is fine …

This is old but nowadays she really could use a simple buff.

Comparing her to Knight who is average Mana and gives that attack buff to EVERY allies…

Her damage is ok her defense and health are enough but her special really could do more for that average Mana.

Like a little bleeding over the turn damage (since her special skill is named something bloody) or at least damage to nearby enemies.

Sadly I regret in maxing her. I could have done another sartana.

On the old days she was wery good hero but now she its average, I have her on max and she just collect dust in my rooster. I dont know why SG dont make a regular adjustments on the old heroes to be a little bit competitive on the new meta.

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They didnt rule out eventually having costumes for more than just s1 heroes

My guess for how they plan on keeping old heroes in the mix with new heroes

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