Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


What mana speed is boss wolf?

Does richard buff defense or heal?

Guin is close at 778, and why she continues not to be impactfully altered is a question for devs and isnt one that really belongs in a thread about aegir. And yes i agree guin is OP but that’s old news.

Besides i dont want another guin tank…ever. We only need 1 guin in this game. Making guins in other colors would just further increase the guin problem, not actuay fix it.


Richard hurts, like Onatel and also mana, all more defense. You can look for differential features to give reason to the sinrazon, but there are not. Aegir was a good tank, nothing else, the problem is that we have become accustomed to junk tanks and we want that, moreover, the one that does not have Gin puts anything tank. And no, in percentage terms, Geneva is not even the tenth part of the problem that GVM.


Gravemaker is a better tank than guin?

Richard is a decent tank but balanced

Onatel isnt a threatening tank in my opinion(originally i thought she would be)

There are other viable tanks besides Guin. Just not as good as guin.

One day this thread will return to improving aegir and not be another guin or gm rant…


GVM is better than Gin in almost everything and is a tank almost as good, but there are 20 times more.


And we talk about defense and Onatel and the others have more, a 63 defense to 3, along with nothing else very useful do not make an Op, it would not even be the best they are taking, there are heroes much better than the original Aegir.


Do the other tanks buff defense on top of already having an 800 defense? If not then what are you comparing??

Gm is a good tank but not as good as guin in my opinion.

So are you saying there should be as many guins as there are gm’s??


His heal via damage dealt is absolutely insignificant. It can be taken away as far as I am concerned.

For a viable tank I would rather seek a balance in reduced special defence number than changing of a speed. Would 25% undispelable defense for 3 rounds be unreasonable?


No, they give many other things, that I do not see less important, it is more if they leave Aegir as it is and they give it a high damage I raise it the same. And no, if there were as many Gin as GVM there would be a problem like the one with GVM. It is not harder to kill Geneva than GVM and it is not 2 in 2 and, in addition to the class they have nerfed Gin and upgraded more to GVM. GVM is more of a problem than Gin and, I repeat, the original Aegir was very inferior to these two and to others who are going to sail and are more op.


a defense of 25 would make a useful tank only if it is all, if they keep the shared to 3, that defense makes it equally harmful to their team.


You realize that original aegir would have amplified your problem with gm right?


No, not at all, GVM would lose value. Anyway my problem with Aegir and that of thousands of players, was that not having as the top a big bank, I did not have a good defense and it was a queue. Now the game has made me one of the privileged ones that has one of only three useful tanks, so Aegir for me is a minor problem, but it still hurts me to see how the fallacy that Aegir was an Op as Gin and GVM. NO, it was a good tank and a good defensive argument and, in addition, a transformation to the good of the game, giving value to the green and giving diversity to the defenses and attacks, but I repeat, as much as the fallacy has set, they are coming out and Soon heroes will surpass the original Aegir.


I would like a 5* kiril honestly but idk how to achieve that reasonably.

Idk if 25% is enough. I do think 63% is too much. Think it would take beta testing or even public release to really hit the right number. Only reason i dont think 25% is enough is because i dont notice a difference when victor applies his defense buff.


Gm would not lose value. Gm would gain value.

3-2 is a common tactic in raid attacks, or even mono

Now normally players stack strong against tank color which is blue in this case so players would stack green

Now normally when players try to stack colors in defense, they use opposite colors(guin + 2 darks for example)

Now with original aegir, you dont think we’d see aegir tank flanked by double graves? Keep in mind grave does extra damage to green btw and with aegir at 1500+ defense(after buff), greens would be mandatory to kill aegir.

So yes aegir would have amplified your gm problem.


I think not, an aegir, even with 63 defense and no own damage, but shared, flanked by 2 GVM would be a suicide, because you would triple the blue and take direct and indirect damage. As for GVM in attack, with a defensive team with tank Aegir GVM would lose value. Now it is almost always, panther, hel, kage and 2 gvm, with original Aegir, in a rainbow defense that would disappear.


Right now, the double GVM is used a lot in defense, but with tank of damage or limitation of mana or high cure and buff. It is all advantages, because if you put 3 blue you shoot the tank and, if you go for the tank, the two GVM will shoot. With Aegir that would not happen.



This this this, exactly! Thank you!!

It’s the mana cut all plus the healing over time specifically. It wouldn’t be the same if she did an instant heal or cut one or even 3. It makes it very difficult to get a foothold into a battle.

Easy to agree that 63 was too high, 35 would be fine, but please don’t make it last 3 rounds it’s barely anything. I think very few effects should be be limited to 3 rounds it’s barely enough to register ESPECIALLY if it’s nearby only (looking at you Khiona).


Not really. There are definitive tanks in 4* level gameplay, and lots of them, Kashrek, Boril, Kiril, Cyprian, BT could even make a case for some like Hu or Colen. A large and diverse population of tanks at that level. 5* gameplay just isn’t like that. When you say there are viable tanks for 5* it’s like saying Wu or Melendor or Scarlett is a viable tank at 4*, but really we all know.

Screw that, give me a 5* Gunnar any day!!

Thank you!! The tiles-to-healing is being taken into account with far too much weight. The devs obviously think this is an extraordinarily powerful feature, and have to nerf against it, but after using Aeigr we know this barely registers except as a minor perk, especially with how quickly and how much damage is being dealt at 5* level gameplay.

IMO 3 Round durations need to be removed from the game except maybe as a DoTs/HoTs duration or very specialized blocking skills like Merlin or Proteus or Peters etc.


Sorry for starting a bit of derail on this thread, but how about my idea for his special? Makes it so you can’t stack healing, I don’t think it’s OP as you can counter with a dispel and leave team exposed to no healing. Plus it’s basically Wilbur, without defense down, healing instead (+1 negative effect).

Icy Resilience
-All allies share received damage with each other for 4 turns
-The caster and all allies receive +63% defense for 4 turns
-The caster and all allies heal 100% of damage dealt for 4 turns
-Element link - 4% health recover for 6 turns.

While under the effects of Icy Resilience only healing from damage dealt and element link have healing effect.


Or how about just give him Wilbur’s effect exactly? +element link


I like it actually but it’s just so exotic that I don’t have any hope it would be implemented. It’s just too theoretical. Ideas like +defense or +perfect riposte or expanding duration or covering all are more in line with the types of things that devs might actually do, although I’m still worried it’s going to be a minor buff and then that will be the end of it.