Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


Which would perhaps be correct, if @Ber was not referring to certain players and not the whole of beta testers. And as has been stated before - the devs do not always follow the suggestions of the beta testers.


Do you have some divine knowledge of the beta demographics to be so certain it is fairly representing any groups other than the top and high spend players? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


no, no divine knowledge. (seriously? a bit less snark, please) Just personal experience. I am neither a top player nor a high spender. But I have been in beta for a year. There are others that are neither.


He was average mana with a vivica defense buff along with 800+ defense and increased defense after his buff, plus wouldnt surprise me if his guin chemistry didnt play a role as well.

I want to see aegir buffed but not up to his original form. Just on paper alone he looked OP to me, i couldnt imagine original aegir not being OP in gameplay as well.

Also curious as to what heros someone else has said are more powerful than that.

He doesnt compare to viv since she is slow mana and defense is less than 700

He doesnt compare to kunchen who only buffs the defense of other dark heros and is also slow mana

Neither one of those seem more powerful than the aegirs original when comparing side by side

Surprised it’s caused this much confusion.

Guin= OP at average mana with 54% dark defense buff + heals for nearby allies, mana cut for enemies

Aegir= not OP at average mana 63% defense buff, spirit link, heals for nearby??

Really shouldnt require that much of an analysis. 1st look at aegirs card i said wth are they thinking. Was he better than current version? Yes. But we dont need another OP tank, as much as everyone thinks they want that, they really dont.

“Yay everyone gets to pull a tank as good as guin!”

“SG we need nerfs because all we can do is reroll due to guin and/or x hero being in every defense, reroll guin and get x hero, reroll x hero and get guin, the game is in shambles and the world is falling cry cry cry”

Or players would request for even more OP tanks :joy:

Original Aegir = bad idea


It seems to you Op the original Aegir and instead you seem normal the queen of hearts, which is a hundred times more Op?


Definitely greed has made them lose their minds and the betatester are infected. When Kadilen came out, what a ■■■■, it seemed to them that the defense against special abilities was Op and, increasing it to only 3 rounds was already giving him a lot. Now they take out a hero, 230 of damage to 3, minuon with 15 of life and 30 of attack and 74 OF DEFENSE OF H.E. Same as kadilen but more rounds. Are we stupid or what?


Queen of hearts isnt the topic of the thread and hasnt released a final version yet

That discussion will take place in due time


Kadilen is crap lol always has been


The original aegir that someone explain to me why is op? Defense 63%, like Magni, but this one for all, a little healing and shared with 3, for good and for bad. More defense than Magni and less tile damage, Magni apart a good special damage. I do not think the original Aegir more op than Magni and, nothing synergy with Geneva. As it says @Razor, which is a crack, the good defense is to have a good attack, Gin does not hurt, I have Gin, believe someone I’m going to put Geneva, with Aegir next, instead of Magni or a batter , severely limiting my damage? The only thing that would get that defense is that the two were alive at the end, to face the attacker and make the fight last, to lose it. It’s like when in my duels I kill the damage and live vivica or rigard, a pimpampume


This time I disagree with you, Rigs. The magic behind Guin OP is that mana cut for all opponents and massive HoT. Aegir’s 100 % regained lives from normal damage (something like 120 lives per 3 rounds) is nothing like that. Although 63 was probably too much going from 63 to 0 was quite a big jump, which caused him to become anti Wilbur on the wrong side. If they made something like 25% undispelable, it would be a different story.


In my opinion, the real problem with Aegir, which is the biggest one in the game, is GVM. As it has been shown is overrepresented (and they have looked at the Top 100, if they look at the 1000 they see the double). GVM conditions the game, the attacks above are, as Jimme 3 said against the tank and GVM and Wilbur, what happens is that now they are 2 GVM, 3 purple for Gin or Del and 2 GVM, which are also seen in defense constantly, but this is known by the devs, who have the figures, so they have repeated some and he does not come out, but they will not touch him, not even in class like Gin, because he will be the goose that lays the golden eggs, much more than Avalon . The original Aegir subtracts a lot of value from GVM.


His heals were only 50% originally

The 63% defense buff was too much though

Works for magni because his defense is too low to tank

Works for viv because she’s slow mana and still less than 700 defense

Average mana + 800 defense + 63% buff vs All elements is just insane.

Reduce him to slow mana would be a start as far as trying to get him back to his original form


I dont see the correlation between aegir and gm. You mean on defense or attack?


To everything. Aegir original was a huge change in high diamond and the biggest detriment of a good blue tank was for GVM, both in attack and defense are an essential pillar of the game.


And it is true that it has more defense than Magni, not much more than other tanks, but also Magni to his buff adds a remarkable damage. Nothing realistic justifies that at this point it does not leave the same as the original.


So you think developers nerfed the best shot we had at a blue tank because of how many people use gravemaker on attack?

But wouldnt it have drove up thirst for aegir? And in turn drive up thirst for evelyn?

I cant say you’re wrong since i’m not a dev. I can say that i find it pretty unlikely though


Which tanks have as much defense as aegir?


The devs nerfearon Aegir “executive”, evidently they are the only ones that could, but the sentence came from the beta. And I do not care that they do not want so much and blah, blah, they are active players and, most of them, also value their interest. They did not need it, it could bother them, it does not come out, period.


almost everyone more, Richard, Boss wolf, etc, etc. Gin stays close


Not always the case though. Guin was requested to be nerfed but wasnt. Aegir’s current state wasnt satisfactory for beta from my understanding but devs had a schedule to keep.

I’d rather keep this thread about aegir and not beta bashing or conspiracy theories…