Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


Because Aegir isn’t merely underpowered, he’s off the charts underpowered.

He’s not like an older classic hero that has been slowly getting weaker as new heroes came out, and was at one time serviceable, or who may have had a design flaw exposed as the game develops, he’s been complete trash since day 1.

His ability is not just in need of a re-balancing tweak like +% to damage, or adjustments to stats that would help make most other underpowered heroes viable again, he needs a complete overhaul.

His special is not something standard in the game, it’s unique and very theoretical or experimental in nature but that theory has not panned out in practice.

In fact many of us think he might be a net negative to the team. So it’s not just that he doesn’t add as much firepower as he should, but that he actively harms your team and subtracts firepower.

This is the reason why you see so many threads about him and this thread has over 100 votes where you don’t see anything like that with other underpowered heroes. He is not just bad, he’s exceptionally bad.


I use perseus and have no real issue. He’s not alasie or athena or magni but he’s still usefu


I vote yes, he need to be balanced. I have him, is very weak, i can not fiind him any porpoise. Is not a healer, is not a tank, is not a damage dealer. I can use only against titan, when i dont want to use potions soo much.


This is good news !
I’ve read through the topic and heard many complaints but not so many concrete proposals…
So here’s mine

  • make him a true 5* Wilbur by sharing damage among all allies
  • also apply the healing effect to all allies
  • make his defense buff a global one (not just against nature)
  • add a 4th round to his special

That would make him a truly feared and respected hero, a viable alternative to Guin (finally !), and a real game-changer for those who have him maxed.
What do you think ?


So you mean you want the original Aegir that was OP?

Doubt they go that route and for good of the game, i hope they dont(and i have 2 aegirs and 12 scopes)


There has been various proposals in many threads ; but what you are asking here will make him OP.


OK, alright, sorry if there were other proposals that I overlooked…
@Oluz, @Rigs, what would you do to fix him without making him OP ?


Curious… What are your thoughts about having those without a defense buff?

Extend his healing effect to all 5
Extend the spirit link to all 5
Extend duration to at least 4 turns

Would that be enough? Would you actually use him if he was like that? I’m not sure, personally.

The 3 person spirit link should never be a thing. I do tend to agree with the idea that spirit link is a liability if it doesn’t come with a defense buff but the healing hit might be enough compensation for it.

Overall though, I still think the tiles/normal attack to heal is a broken game mechanic because if you make it reasonable and viable on defense, you completely break it on offense - simply because those are two completely separate mechanisms that you’re trying to cram into the same space. Defense doesn’t get crazy tile cascades, diamonds, etc etc. Hell they don’t even get bonus x2 elemental damage.

I’m still leaning much more towards ideas with perfect riposte or just making him a 5* Gunnar.


A lot of us didn’t think he was OP in the original, and begged that he be kept that way. He was +63% general defense x 3 heroes, sharing for those three, and special lasted 4 turns. I think he healed at 50%. There were some people who thought he was OP but the game has released more powerful heroes lately.


Curious, the people who thought he was OP, did they already have Guin and were not interested in a shift in the meta? Or was Guin + Aegir combo too powerful, not nesasarily Aegir by himself? If that is the case it could possibly be fixed by the following:

Icy Resilience
-All allies share received damage with each other for 4 turns
-The caster and all allies receive +63% defense for 4 turns
-The caster and all allies heal 100% of damage dealt for 4 turns
-Element link - 4% health recover for 6 turns.

While under the effects of Icy Resilience only healing from damage dealt and element link have healing effect.


You’re not the only one who has that thought, it is a very commonly suggested theory, and ohh boy do the beta’s get defensive LOL… Perhaps @Ber can elaborate. I’m not convinced, but I’m definitely skeptical that beta testers are holy saints just trying to help keep the game balanced if you understand what I mean. :angel:

And related closely to this topic is Aegir’s A rating on that ridiculous list. You know the list author doesn’t even have Aegir on his real account? Never used him outside of beta? Hmmmm… :thinking:


It is evident that the original Aegir posed a threat to the status quo of those who handle the beta. Aegir was no more op than Ginebra or GVM, but it was a game changer. Not only was it removed from the middle, (we must take into account what was there at the time), but they avoided the limit to repair it, hence the famous A as tank and defense, of a person who NEVER USED IT DEFENSE, NOT IN BETA and that did not ignore the evidence that it received, plus the embarrassing promotional video, manipulated, in attack. In addition, we must assess that at that time had not left the monsters that have left later, so, with what there was, the Top did not need Aegir, did not fit their plans, which condemned Aegir to ostracism. Aegir is the great shame, both of those who handle the beta, and of SG that showed its most partisan side and the worst shame of some who had the respect and admiration of all and they have no more than the acolytes. In fact, in the era of pre-ordering the list was a bible of the game, it was constantly heard, both here and on Facebook, now nobody names it, if anything, people show Razor. By the way, do not expect anything from the arrangement, it will be pure makeup and it is incredible, Kunchen, without going any further, is much more op than the original Aegir.


I am in beta and Aegir is no threat to my status quo. I doubt that he was a threat to anyone’s status quo, even before he was nerfed. And as has been stated again and again - SG makes the decisions about the hero’s stats. Beta is not always in agreement with those decisions.

There is no pre-odering in the game.

@Ber - you have a good understanding of the game. If only you would stop with your conspiracy theories. It is fine to disagree with someone else’s opinion. Everyone has a different style of playing and using heroes. Which means some people with think a particular hero is good or bad and others will have a different opinion. But your constant statements about conspiracy make me want to avoid your posts altogether.


It does get a little old doesn’t it…Shame


May I also ask everyone to keep the conspiracy away of this thread.

For what we know is that 1/2 of testers were OK with his original version (e.g. Zero) and second 1/2 (of weaker players) considered the original version too strong. Now it is not time to discuss what was wrong, but how to deal with the issue on the table.

Recent weeks I was thinking of what the options are (to what was already mentioned before). It could be something like this:

  • keeping the current + add micro healing and micro defence buff (e.g. 10% one off healing to 3/5 allies and 20% 3 round general defence for 3/5 allies)

Considering the situation when he is under-powered and seriously harming the defending team and a large change may cause him to be significantly overpowered, it may be a way out of that circle.


Can someone tell me why it would be op the original Aegir? For example I lost the 2 duels I have with Kunchen, their statistics are more op than the original Aegir and let’s not say a GVM, which is already op, uploaded class and there are thousands of 2 in 2. And I could give other examples, but the Aegir as it was would be a good hero of the top, not even the best, why do you insist on saying that you touch a little to not do it op? That they return the original. And I have a top Geneva, it’s not a priority for me anymore.


If you really think they are conspiracy theories and tin hats, answer me honestly and, please, without rambling about the value of the guide, etc. At this point, neither the users (this thread is the record of the history of votes on a hero), nor the devs, who have already announced their buff, nor anyone who knows what they are defending, with the evidence seen, that Aegir is a valid tank and a great defense. That is already out of doubt for anyone who knows the mechanics of the game, but gentlemen, who know the game perfectly, although it does not have the same value as before, are still committed to maintaining the maximum qualification as tank and defense to aegir. Honestly, without conspiracy theories and without assuming bad intention, tell me a logical answer.


Out of respect for the thread and staff addressing it, I’ll hold my opinions on the beta, but it’s interesting to hear that there was NOT a consensus about Aegir being OP as we have been told so often.

With that in mind, I think @Ber and @Tigurius raise a fair question: What was it exactly about the orig Aegir that was controversially OP? Especially when viewed compared to instant healers like Kunchen or even Vivica??


you are missing the point, @Ber. In every thread you talk about the conspiracy of certain players with the developers. I just don’t see any conspiracy. I can’t tell you why the developers decided to change the stats to what they are - no one in beta has information about where the devs are going with the game, what goals they have. These things are not shared with beta. For this reason, beta testers can only make suggestions based on what they see at that present time.

I understand that you are pretty passionate about the game. But I personally feel put off by your personal attacks against people, by your constant insistance of conspiracy. Why would you think that the developers of this game would be influenced in their decisions by a handful of players? Why?

As for the guide - I don’t even use it. I make my decisions about heroes based on experiencing them in the game. To put it bluntly, everyone’s experience with Aegir is always based on the heroes they have to go against him. Since not everyone has a hero bench that is stellar, different people will have different experiences with him. Then, also, the board will also colour the experience, depending on if you have a good board or a bad board. I personally do not like going against Aegir. My heroes perhaps are not ideal. Maybe I am just unlucky with boards.

At any rate, I know different people have different opinions regarding different heroes. That is fine and to be expected. The general consensus is that Aegir is not ideal in his present form. The forum is a place to share ideas about how he could be better. Make your suggestions of what an ideal Aegir should be. But can you please just leave the other stuff out of it?


Ummmmm maybe because they actively seek out those opinions in an entire curated test environment for that exact reason?? I mean… duh?

Not a single person that I have encountered here has any expectation of ideal. Saying Aegir is not ideal is like saying the sun is not cold. It’s a perfectly valid argument against a point which has never been made.