Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


Self heal makes sense on high attack stat heroes such as Musashi whose heal lasts for a full 5 turns.

Aegir: . . . 615 Attack - Heals 100% of dmg 3 turns - Average Mana
Musashi: 786 Attack - Heals 50% of dmg 5 turns - Fast Mana

Musashi deals decent 332% splash damage too, helps kill the enemy.
Aegir does no damage…to the enemy. He kills his flanks instead. OK, he has a +4% elemental healing link which IS a good skill, now you can run a mono blue defense team, yay. Excited

Even poor, reviled Leonidas:
731 Attack - Heals 75% of special skill damage dealt (365%). He also cuts mana 40% too.
So, insta-heal, deals damage, controls mana…


He’s my only 5*, but I stopped using him for most things a long time ago (unless I really need a blue). I dropped him for Lancelot, to go with my Gormek and Proteus.

As others have said, Aegir’s spirit link has made me lose a few battles. And the healing is too unreliable.

I now only bring him to the world map and Red titans.


Perfectly stated and very good point.


Aw yeah. Let him summon some zombies for my team like a true white walker.


Vote yes ! Buff Aegir please


I vote yes, too (first post on forums, but read them constantly). One of the reasons I’m posting is to thank @mhalttu , @Sara , and staff for also reading these and addressing substantial community concerns.

Kashhrek is such a tough tank as a 4* because he and neighbors get an immediate 45% heal that can’t be dispelled. If Aegir’s specials are mostly dispellable unlike Kashhrek’s, they can (and should) be correspondingly threatening to demand that a dispel be cast. Fixing the spirit link ‘penalty’ plus having either an immediate heal or counter (either direct damage or reduced enemy attack); or having the suggested 100% heal of normal damage + def boost; or adding ice minions would all be good fixes to provide such a threat to attackers.

I’d like to see Aegir be the nasty tough tank I believe he was intended to be, and not to worry that ascending him for tank position would turn my front three into a suicide squad. 8{


Amen! I am a little frustrated with this tendency to keep giving 5* heroes nerfed version of 3* specials by making them nearby and making the during so small that it barely matters.

Gunnar = Spirit link … All allies … +63% defense … 5 Turns
Aegir = Spirit link … nearby allies … +0 defense … 3 Turns

Aegir would be better if he was just a 5* Gunnar. Insanely better.

Reminds me a little of Khiona and Brienne.

Brienne = +45% attack/+20% on hits … All allies … 5 Turns
Khiona = +45% attack/+20% on hits … Nearby allies … 3 Turns

The thing that salvages Khiona is that she has a solid attack on her special, but the Nearby only and 3 turns is horrible.


Why is SG scared to give us more proper tanks? I saved a long time to get Aegir and ended up ‘buying’ him as I heard so much good about him. At that point I didn’t realise his debuff from beta made your defence weaker, not stronger. I’m done spending for various reasons, he is one of them. Raids & AW have become super boring, Guin, Guin, Guin, no flavor.

Ps. The other reason I stopped spending is because they roll out hero after hero but the loot stays the same. Why spend if you can’t ascend and to top that you must pay to increase the roster for a need they created, pure greed imo.


He is a HoTM for those who face him, not those who have him


I was holding out hope for 18.1. No dice again. :frowning:


White Walkers are indeed dangerous, him…


Well, whenever I face an Aegir tank, I do EVERYTHING BUT DISPEL him, so his special being dispellable is actually a trick for those who don´t know how he works.


Same too, I guess its never going to happen.


How is this still not a thing. Aegir is a HOTM that is worse than Wilbur. Buff him. Make him a 5* Wilbur or give him counterstrike like boss wolf or buff his heal or give him an attack…buff him; he is very underpowered for a hotm. He’s a meat shield at best and on attack he is a mediocre healer at best. This is dumb that he hasn’t been buffed yet.


if Aegir is Buffed, so make Thorne and Leo better ( change jauge from average to fast :slight_smile:)

others 5* are unpowered, and others are overpowered :slight_smile:


100 votes! Hopefully SG notices.

From another thread

It’s true. A chance of 60% bonus damage for the wizard class against Aegir thanks to his 4 “buffs”.


The difference is that although Thorne and Leo are underpowered, Aegir is actually worse than that.

If I had a choice between Thorne/Leo or an empty spot, i’d still take them.

With Aegir i’d actually be tempted to just go with 4 heroes because he actually makes it easier for the opposition to beat you.


Put me down as a yes vote. AEGIR is very much underpowered.


You shouldn’t be able to compare those base heroes to a hotm but you can because Aegir needs a buff. Leo and Thorne are fine. Leo is actually pretty strong. Thorne is strong too but a “bad 5*” compared to the rest. #TeamAegir


You have to buff him without making him work better next to Guinevere. That’s why they nerfed his “all defense” and made it elemental in the first place… he was too strong when paired with Guinevere. So I’d stop asking for them to give him all defense because he had it… and they took it away. It still wouldn’t solve him as a tank, the buff is easy to flip. His issue is he is no threat to the other team when his special goes off, giving the attackers time to prep combos, and his link is only 3.