Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


A few possible ideas:
Remove the “Nature only” defense from caster and nearby, making it a defense from all sources instead.

Caster and nearby allies gain 33% mana generation for 3 turns.

Caster and nearby allies gain 33% Crit for 3 turns.

Caster and nearby allies are immune to any new status effects for 3 turns. (Or all special skills instead)

Or simply add an attack boost like Kiril.

Alot of other good ideas in earlier posts too.
He definitely needs a boost to balance better with other HotMs.


He definetly needs a buff. I maxed him right away and now I dont even use him. He would be ok as a tank as he stands for a lower level player and thats about it.


As I see it, the biggest issue with him is that he shares damage without a universal def buff thereby making all three heros vulnerable to INCREASED damage for the next three turns. If you target the hero with the lowest def stat after aegir’s special goes off, the damage to the other two heros will actually be higher than it would be had those heros been hit directly. Even if the other recommendations to buff aegir were implemented, this one fatal flaw makes him a liability to his team.

All other damage sharing heros provide a universal def buff and aegir should be no different. Making the change from nature only to universal def would at least ensure that he is not a potential detriment to his teammates.


This update did not include an Aegir update, suppose they want to see how things shake out after the release of classes AND they probably had a lot on their plate with this major update.

Keeping fingers crossed that adjustments are made in the near future as they address some of the bugs in this update.

Just getting rid of the shared damage would be an improvement. Add riposte instead and he becomes a gargantuan Boril (like the Colen to Azlar step up), I haven’t heard a great clamor for a gargantuan Boril but better Big Bor than Fratricidal Flanker*

*tried to think of something funny with Tank but failed, failed with Flanker too but at least the letters match.


Mhalttu only posted something 9 days ago, and the update must have been essentially done at that point. I’d suspect it’s going to take them a bit longer to decide what to do about Aegir.


Perhaps a green reflect (similar mitsuko) could remplace green bonus defense.


Aegir is like the most egoistical tank ever

Me now have enough mana, now team tank for me

Why give him 2 swords and then one of the worst attack stats and no offensive ability? Counterattack instead of lifelink would have fit way better.

Anyway… His nature defense buff is pretty much useless. Perseus gets 94% elemental defense for 4 turns with fast mana, Kasshrek gets 94% for 3 turns as a 4* hero. What was the reasoning behind giving Aegir just 54% for 3?

So I agree with a general defense buff instead of elemental. He could at least protect the allies that tank for him. And with average mana speed buffs for 4 turns wouldn’t be too much


83 votes till now! This is really wonderful support from all of you.

Thank you very much to all !


Probably gave him 54% in order to match guin. Hers was originally 94% and got nerfed. If you recall, aegir was OP in his original state. So of course nerfing his defense mechanic was the first move since it supposively fixed guin(i haven’t really noticed much of a difference and heros have since been released to specifically combat guin so guessing devs and players didnt notice a difference either)

  • Guinevere - Dark defense reduced from 94% to 54%


Yes, many options are on the table.

It even could be Khiona style - Khiona cast a special like 3* Brienne, but deals 372% of damage. Aegir casts the special like 3* Gunnar, but deals no extra Khiona’s damage. In such case I think he could possibly get only a minor defense buff - e.g. 15 or 20% with current green buff kept too.


Are you thinking some form of a reverse athena buff?


Just want to make sure no one forgets about this whole topic. It does have quite a few votes compared to the others.


@Uclapack have you seen this thread?


Aegir is a broken hero for sure. We faced blue tanks the past AW & the strategy was simple and the result resounding. We crushed the opponents thanks to Aegir’s weakness. We didn’t loose 1 battle against an Aegir tank. Even if he is flanked by Grave / Zeline, ect, it doesn’t matter. You hit him until he charges up and use his shared damage to kill the centre 3 by hitting the one with the lowest defence regardless of colour. Even worse is that he actually helps the attacker if you get a bad board to start with as there is no penalty for hitting him over and over.
Everyone is concerned that he can be de-buffed, but that is not his biggest weakness, it is his shared damage, why would you want to debuff if you can kill all 3 so easily. For fun we tried various 4* combo’s and they all won easily. The only thing he did was delay the inevitable.
The irony is that almost all alliances are geared for Guinevere tanks. I myself have plenty purple 4*'s and many healers. So even if you are out of strong colours for the flanks it doesn’t matter. On my last hit I became so arrogant & confident against him I used Scarlett, Boldtusk, Rigard, Merlin & Tiburtus and got a horrible board. I charged him up 3 times and by the time Zeiine fired at me Boldtsuk was charged and moments later the rest of my team, game over. So yeah, red, the weakest colour and no yellow flanks and all that was needed to do is charge my team using him as a punchbag.

He needs to be able to defend himself and the flanks like any tank should. There is no penalty to hit him and his shared damage effectively means double damage to himself & his flanks.
Shared damage with whole team & riposte at least. I used to think Elkenan is a terrible hero but Aegir is by far worse. To call him a HoTM is an insult to those who spent money to get him. Extremely disappointed in him.


Well, his defenders say he is not supposed to be a tank (and that made the rest of us wonder why he got a tank A grade from @Anchor, but that topic was covered in another thread).

But even when using him on attacking teams, his shared damage does not heal defense cripple, and his heal depends too much on the board, many times healing “0” life points on non-blue heroes.

I have been a couple of times in a postiion where I fired off his special, but there are not enough tiles of the correct color to get a decent heal (by the time I get them, either special is no longer active, or heroes are already dead), that makes using him very frustrating.

I think fixing him is almost mandatory.


Well you can plan his skill so you have a decent board before you fire it.
But I agree; His heal is subpar and it only applies to 3 people, so you’d need another healer or 2 additonal blues to heal with link.


His special is better when fired off ASAP, if you wait for a good board, you risk one of the heroes (or the three fo them) to get damage and die from an indirect hit when special is active.

And that is exactly Aegir’s problem: you can kill his flanks just by keep going at him.


I think the 3 person spirit link is total garbage, and the 3 turn duration is laughable. Either one by itself is terrible but both is inexcusable. 3 star heroes have better specials than that.

But, the main course, the mechanic that does tile damage to heal, is the problem. The reason is simple: the way “normal attacks” work is completely different when you’re an attacker vs a defender. Defenders can’t get 20 chain elemental damage combos that shoot out 75 separate attacks against the entire team.

Should be pretty obvious.

I think making his spirit link serviceable (by just bringing it up to 3* standards) or ideas with counterattack are good ideas, but whatever happens, I really hope they don’t just give him a minor buff. He needs a huge buff or a complete overhaul. I have a bad feeling he’ll end up with something that won’t work like a minor defense buff on nearby allies, then consider him fixed never to be addressed again.


Even on attack the mechanic is junk without good boards

If board is good enough to give aegir good heals, the heals are typically unneeded

He’s really just a space filler at this point

Just a hair better over an empty space


Let him cast minions for all and his buff is done…