Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


For those with more experience on this forum.

Should we expect a response from SG regarding a decision at any point in time? (clearly if they decide to make adjustments we’ll see it in the update).

@Petri @Sara @mhalttu @Caio


They don’t typically respond to ideas


I also vote in favor of a slight buff, be it
4 turns instead of 3
Overall defense buff not just nature
Shared damage within all allies not just nearby

Any of the above would make me glad :smile:
All of the above would make him OP though

2 months later... what's the final verdict on Aegir? Worth the scopes if it's my only blue 5*?

45 votes is alot isn’t it ?
I don’t have many points of comparison though
Does anyone here know at which point / votes the devs take the issue seriously and start to listen ??


Thank you for the feedback and the suggestions. Even though we answer rarely, we do read your posts. In this case, I just wanted to let you know that even though I can’t promise anything, I can tell you that we are looking into it.


Well, I do think that Aegir is great like that but since I have him, I’m gonna vote for a buff anyway :rofl:


Thank you @mhalttu, appreciate both the reply and the promise to look.


Hi H0fm4nN, I am running some test attacks against Aegirs. Can you post me your username in game and I will test it against yours. There are not many people thinking that he is great, so maybe you have created some team setup we haven’t thought of.
Thank you in advance.


Hello Sir,

I didn’t up him since I’m only playing for 4 months & had to max Magni so used my items for him. Since, I got Santa so… It will be my tank & sadly, Aegir will stay unmaxed for now.

I’m not saying that Aegir is the best heroes at all, just that I used to attack a a few in raids & it’s doing his job, it’s tanky ! Ain’t it what we’re looking for a tank ? :smiley:


Thank you very much. We wouldn’t raise such matter unless it was really serious. Much appreciated your response. Thanks.


Or you know, you can put some teeth on him, like adding Riposte to his special!


Great news ! Thanks & happy new year to the staff :wink:


I agree he needs a buff(as defense). I do have him maxed on my team but I use him as a flank to Mitsuko. My defense success is about 50/50 around 2600 trophies. I find him way more useful as offence rather than defense. He offers the ability to get past a bad start and keep your other heros alive throwing tiles. I would vote the share damage with all allies & regular defense buff instead of nature.


These are very interesting numbers. May I ask what is your full defense team setup?


Albi, Victor, Mit, Aegir, Evelyn. All max. Not my ideal defense team but they were the furthest along to max. Just finished Evelyn yesterday. To stay at the 2600 though I am quite active in using all flags and watching raid back opportunies. I’ve crossed 2700 quite a few times but that never lasts long.


Thanks. If you leave your raid team on defense only without any attack, how far does it drop?


Hmmmm… Very good to read this reply, I know SGG listens. In keeping faith, I am leveling him straight ahead…


Yes buff aegir he needs it!


In cruel need of a blue tank in this game, i vote for buff him.


I have Aegir as well and I bring him to Tier 2/50 and I just left him like that because in my point of view is useless at the moment to feed him because I use Boss wolf as a tank and recently I got Onatel so she is on tier 2/9 in 5 day’s so I better feed her then Aegir coz she’s way better than Him so yes you have another vote from me he needs to be fix to be valuable