Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


Btw. Version 20.0.0 will be released at 8:30 UTC today (as per the message In the game), so we’ll probably find the final answer very soon.


It’s most likely a typo and should say “Version 19.xx” :slight_smile:
There are no release notes or anything about Version 20 yet, so I doubt v20 will be released today.


Ok :slight_smile: it sounded too good to be true :wink:


Trying to understand what’s being said here by @Ber

You mean that if Aegir would have been published as he was in beta, this would have been an issue for ppl with Gravemaker? I have a Gravemaker and I also have Aegir, but I don’t understand why good Aegir would be a problem for me?

Almost useless Agegir at 4^80 (no other blue 5* and had 15 scopes so why the *** not) and another one at 1^1 is still not a problem but it p***es me off some. Still using him for raids and Titans because I just have to be able to think its not all waste.


I have answered in another post to that question


So according to post 100, next update will bring some balancing and that Aegir buff.
I just hope that those changes will bring some real improvements to these cards and to the ‘‘gameplay’’ overall and wont be just some small tweaks that at the end of the day wont bring any real benefits…:angel:


Kunchen was released as the first version despite beta asking that he was changed and most agreeing that second version would be better for meta.

i’ve been beta for 2 months and i can say that we can speak freely but certainly do not have all that authority

final decisions are all SG and we are not privy to their long run plans


black humour, but aegir is a basic mob designed, on low levels…so maybe he’s cursed by the low power skill?

maybe he should have been never created to be played by real persons ? :hot_face:


How was that second version if you can talk about it? Even better than the first one that was released?
Still Kunchen looks like a nice hero, maybe not the best HOTM imo but definitely a nice tank [wont even compare it to Aegir :sweat:], even if i dislike slow heroes and tank healers [but that is just me]. That resist defense ailments and cleanses are the cherry on top.


same special, different attack and defense so he wouldn’t be twin to Onatel


I apologize if this has been asked already, but I have heard rumor that Aegir will be getting buffed. If that is the case, will ALL existing Aegirs receive it? Or would it only be ones received in future events?

Thanks in advance


Thank you for the update. I was quite sad to not see anything in version 19. This makes me feel better.


Any changes to existing heroes will affect all of those heroes in the game. So, if Aegir is buffed, for example, and you have Aegir, he will receive that buff.


Excellent… thank you for the response.