Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]


So according to post 100, next update will bring some balancing and that Aegir buff.
I just hope that those changes will bring some real improvements to these cards and to the ‘‘gameplay’’ overall and wont be just some small tweaks that at the end of the day wont bring any real benefits…:angel:



Kunchen was released as the first version despite beta asking that he was changed and most agreeing that second version would be better for meta.

i’ve been beta for 2 months and i can say that we can speak freely but certainly do not have all that authority

final decisions are all SG and we are not privy to their long run plans



black humour, but aegir is a basic mob designed, on low levels…so maybe he’s cursed by the low power skill?

maybe he should have been never created to be played by real persons ? :hot_face:



How was that second version if you can talk about it? Even better than the first one that was released?
Still Kunchen looks like a nice hero, maybe not the best HOTM imo but definitely a nice tank [wont even compare it to Aegir :sweat:], even if i dislike slow heroes and tank healers [but that is just me]. That resist defense ailments and cleanses are the cherry on top.



same special, different attack and defense so he wouldn’t be twin to Onatel



I apologize if this has been asked already, but I have heard rumor that Aegir will be getting buffed. If that is the case, will ALL existing Aegirs receive it? Or would it only be ones received in future events?

Thanks in advance



Thank you for the update. I was quite sad to not see anything in version 19. This makes me feel better.



Any changes to existing heroes will affect all of those heroes in the game. So, if Aegir is buffed, for example, and you have Aegir, he will receive that buff.

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Excellent… thank you for the response.

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I would like to say briefly what I think about Aegir.

I can not understand what you have about the E&P leadership against this hero.:rage:
All players are looking forward to a positive change. And what are you doing! You make him worse than he is currently in the alpha version!
Aegir was only partially usable as a tank, but so he became a cellar hero.

What would be so bad, the 54% def. to give all colors and increase the movements to 4. That would be a minimal improvement that would do him justice.:sunglasses::+1:



Was there a buff in update 19? I don’t see any improvements to Aegir… He still is more of a liability than a viable tank. Did I miss something?



Here’s a picture of Aegir. Enjoy :smile:



Yup…went back and looked at the note on it being in update 20.



Thanks for your contribution, but rather stating what would be bad, can you tell us what would be good?



I vote yes to buff Aegir. The first hero of the month I looked at and thought no thanks. Seems a really bad idea sharing damage with a small amount of allies without an all round defence not just against nature. Share damage with 3 hero’s bad idea. You double stack any colour but green and red he goes down and takes his flanks with him.

I ended up with 2 Aegirs. Still my first blue 5*. I had the capes and telescopes but I never clicked ascend. I used them on a Richard I got nearly 4 weeks later. Still nobody saw him. I used him in war attacks and that was it. Should have been an all round defence increase to all allies and damaged shared between all allies. But very interesting read thanks guys

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Nerf guin then… aegir is a waste, everyone knows that and the ones who summoned him and maxed him out shouldnt have to be disadvantaged because the guin aegir original combo was ‘too strong’. Buff aegir and nerf guin equally. Then we have 2 heroes ( 1 hotm and 1 event hero) who are not imoossible to beat. Problem solved right



Aegir wants muscles.
20 tons of meat



Interesting. Who was in a tank position and who was on a flank? I cannot imagine Guin on a flank and I cannot imagine what would flank Aegir do if his tank died in the first stage - either way game over (even after Aegir is buffed). This sounds like the most useless defence combo - something like: Ares-Guin-Ares.



Seriously Devs !!!
Keep your hands off the month heroes.
Why on earth is Aegir taking away the + 54% defense against nature?
What is this madness?
Honest question: Do you notice something else?
Yes, I have the beta list available and know what you are doing before lunatic changes and I have to say it disappoints me a lot.
Why am I spending money on a top hero who could be a good tank if you change him so much that he’s not worth 50 cents more? YES, I know and heard because you do not want another top tank next to Guinivere because she’s the one who brings you the most money because they all want her.
But seriously, is not it a bit of a scam to change the hero’s hero for whom he spends money without being able to influence it? If you all the normal 5 * heroes you get in TC20 changes nicely. Do what you want with them because you can re-train them. But monthly heroes who were previously tested in beta and then changed come out and then after the purchase of players again changed?!?!?!?.
I wonder what that should be?
If it’s me you can gladly delete Aegir from my Rooster and give me my money spent for him (October 2018: 248.99 euros) or the whole Gems from this month back. What should I do with such a hero of now how many times … 3x? was changed…
I can also imagine that this threat will not be super long visible because here govern the mods and no matter what rules in the chat it is just interpretation thing.
But would be very cool if a Dev and not a mod would comment on why I’m being brought in this way for my money …



Aegir is garbage. If they change him, it will be for the good. He will become better. I am saving my scopes for after his changes. Not sure what, when, or how he will be but I am sure hes getting buffed, not nerfed.