Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]

Here are Aegir’s problems:

  1. He is a free tile sync. Can endlessly set off his special while he is on defense and it doesn’t matter.
  2. He gets his flanks killed (in part because of point #1 above)
  3. His special does no healing on defense (or offense). This is basically why point #1 is true. Only maybe against red Titan does his heal do anything. On raid offense his special is too short and if you have enough blue tiles to benefit from the heal you would easily win with any other blue.

And so to fix it is not simply adding more turns to his special, or extending the buff to the whole team or even really a +defense . Something needs to be done to eliminate #1. Either do something meaningful with the heal (whole team damage/heal, damage taken by Aegir and protected allies for 3 turns converted to a heal over time for 3 turns, flat HoT added to existing effect, heal on special damage) or add some bite the the special (riposte, steal life dot that rotates on enemy, etc).



A cascade on Aegir on the other hand has me rubbing my hands in glee as it charges all my specials and lets me take both corners out.

Firing tiles into Aegir is pretty much a guaranteed win against any team using him as tank because it fires your specials and there is zero repercussion from his special.

Any news you can share with us @mhalttu from this past month of looking into an Aegir buff? Thanks in advance!

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Well, I tried him for red titans, and still his heal depends greatly on the board.

I placed him between Triton and Boldtusk, and more than once after I fire his special I found dificult to throw the right tile color at titan´s weak point to get a relevant heal (or ANY heal at all).

In order to have decent results with him, you need to put him between two outstanding heroes, which do not need him at all.

The only time I actually found him useful on a titan was against the rare tiger that has riposte. Aegir’s special basically negated that effect. This is still ridiculously limited. I take any of the 4* blues before him, including Boril.


I asked our game designers. There will not be any hero balancing changes for v19, but they will be doing bigger changes in v20. Aegir is almost certainly one of the heroes who will be affected by that balancing round.


We hope not only aegir, Gobbler should be reconsider too @Mhalttu.

Gobbler defense is super weak and gobbler green color seems funny as the minion producers is red where gobbler weaks against such as (santa, rudolf, redhood) and also minion producers are strong 5* (delilah, Mothernorth, inari, tothamun). So how come weak defense green gobler 4* with average mana can be used to face strong 5* minions producers? Most of the time gobbler will die before cast his special.

Gobbler seems wrong in every way, please reconsider to super buff him

Wow. i now i am trying my best to asked…
Other than Aegir (as you have already mentioned)
Any others heroes that gg to get affected by this changes? dont need Buff or Nerf - just heroes name will do.

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Thank you for the information

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These are really good news :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. Hope there are also will be some decision for Thorne :wink:

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This is good news. I think there are many of us patiently waiting with him at 3/70 (and some kicking themselves with him at 4/80) that feel a little better about it now.

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:+1: for aegir buff

20 char.

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Thank you for paying attention to this issue and being responsive!!

Much appreciated!!

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Thank you very much! he really needs it to be at least par with 5* heroes.

Thank you for yet again assuring good news, I am loving SGG more and more, very responsive org.

Сough… cough… Perseus… cough… Thot-a coughhtst cough…


What is the problem with Perseus? He has kicked my rears some times in raids.

It may be because I don’t have him, but i don’t see him as bad as Aegir.


Just play with Aegir, you will understand it does’nt work.

Only 3 turns, can have no tiles to heal, too unpredictable…

In all games, you need someone u can rely on, not a hero that MAY have a good effect.

Need a buff or won’t be played. Not really a HOTM in quality.

Impressive, 114 votes, only Alquimia overcomes it. To be a superhero, A in all areas of the game, to beat all the records of the forum. The reason ends up being imposed to the slander.

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