Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]

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As suggested by @Rook I created a brand new topic in “Ideas & Future Requests”. After discussions in 3 different threads we believe that HotM Aegir is exceptionally UP (underpowered), and if used in defense he badly harms his team and causes bad loss against the same team power, but also against much much weaker teams. We believe that this hero needs a minor buff - list above - but in general 5 allies instead of 3 and general medium level defense buff instead of green medium defense buff.

I will be giving my vote to this to support this.


Links with tests and general discussions about the topic:


Eh just make his ‘nearby’ heroes a blanket defense buff and increase his attack stat by 300.

That would do it for me.

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SG is just leaving Agar as he is for now, let people max him and play him as intended, a tank, I suspect mostly it’s their 1st 5* blue, most will be on platinum level , the more advance players, prob stick to what they have, ie Guin GM Ares etc, we will have to see how this play out. So in a few months we will get newer shinier tank, and everyone will forget about Agar and complain about the new tank, and everyone just happily buy more gems.


Yes I agree just would work!

Aegir is good but he is underpowered for an hotm. This is a reasonable buff.


I definitely have to vote for this improvement,: I like to see his stat changed

  • share damage with all allies for 5turns
  • other 3 turns effects to 5 turns

I think they will consider him overpowered with those changes, that’s why we kept conservative in our proposed changes.

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Whatever the proposition, and if ever it would be honored, they will only make changes based on their own consideration, so why don’t we just ask for a little more…

Very good point, buy I think it’s more likely they actually do something about it if they see we are really trying to fix a hero, not trying to make him invincible.

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Now is Dec. Aegis is oct hotm, if people think we are going to forget him, they are wrong. To fix him is really simple, just copy Wilbur’s skill to replace his.


That would be a MAJOR improvement, but I doubt they will do it.

How can we forget him, if we open our roster every day and see that underpowered Gunnar just sitting there?

I think nobody has fed him to someone else, just because he is a HOTM and that makes him unique, let alone some players have already given him SIX TELESCOPES.


Thanks everyone who voted! 20 votes in 3 days is more than I hoped for!
@Petri @Sara @mhalttu @Caio Can SGG, please, review this EP community suggestion? Thank you in advance. Update: 42 votes now.

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@nes thank you for making this voting. One vote from me :grinning:

I think changing his shared dmg to 5 together with life leech and 3 turn duration would be enough of a buff. This or adding plain def buff instead of nature only. Or perhaps combine it together - all shared dmg but only nearby def buff. His special is so unique it is very easy to make it too strong with a slight change. From what I read here on the foruns - in beta he was affecting all allies and it was super op which I think is why they released him with nearby only - now he’s trash tier thanks to that. So quite hard to balance. But the suggestion in first post definitely looks waaay to strong to me. Using that on offense or pvm you would never lose again.

To improve Aeger and make it a viable tank, they could put you a special like the Wilbur, make the damage link to both sides, increase the allies defense and decrease on the enemies, the elemental link and the healing remain unchanged. All Allies / Enemies for 4 turns.

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Thank you nes,

@Petri et all: Regarding Aegir, my personal view is that as an HotM, the suggestions from nes for shared damage, all allies healing and the increased defense lasting for Four turns is perfectly reasonable.
This becomes especially obvious to me when comparing Aegir’s special to the specials cast by 4* Wilbur and 3* Gunnar & Kailani.

I vote YES as someone who spent his first and only 6 telescopes on Aegir. Here’s why…

I have stopped using Aegir on my war defense team and put Boldtusk back in as my tank. Since switching back to BT, the number of attacks per war against me has dropped.

Here’s what I’ve discovered along with many of you: because his damage sharing is only with his 2 flanks and he does not necessarily provide healing (only potential for healing), Aegir actually ends killing the heroes on his own team.

The buff suggestions are very reasonable since Aegir is a HotM.


I too vote yes. Hopefully SG listens.

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42 votes now!!!

Thank you all for your support !

Hope it will go on and we’ll be getting even more in 2019. Thanks again!

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