Request: SGG please let us build and run a second Hero Academy (or...)

  • Let us build and run a 2nd HA
  • Just let us run more than 2 levels in our single HA

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Right now we can have only one HA (Hero Academy), limiting us to be able to run only 2 levels at the same time.

I wish we could run more than 2 levels… for the next SH (Stronghold) update, can you let us build and run a second HA?

(Or let us run more than 2 levels at a time in our single HA?)

Thank you

I vote for second HA for 2 5* retrains per week, really cool idea.

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I want my Hero Academy capable of more than 2 functions, preferably 5. That way, I am able to maintain two Forges that can be shifted anytime to either the Barracks or Hunters Lodge, two advanced structures that doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture unlike the Alchemy Lab.


Wouldn’t that be sweet?

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I am cool with either approach TBH… I just hope this gets on developer’s radar… because I am soooo ready to retire another TC and use HA more.

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I really do get the idea and it would be great.
That said I would also be happy with a single HA that allows multiple functions and queuing in HA10. That would resolve so many issues and really really really would be great QOL…


Why would we want 2 buildings producing the same trash? The HA needs an overhaul, it is completely useless; 2 HA’s is not a solution.


Stick with your training camps then, all good for you. No need to troll this thread.

Meanwhile… let the others here engage the topic positively… cuz some of us can figure out how to leverage a bit more utility from these game features.



Just being able to queue HA10 would be an improvement. It would be nice to have more than two levels going, I’d be happy with even three. I’d be doing a lot of building juggling with a second HA, and likely drop a couple on a regular basis :rofl:


It’s just a thought thrown in the open for forum users to either debunk or improve or just simply ignore, man. While others may not see it viable, one of the forum users above cited his reasoning in order for him to do parallel HA10 functions simultaneously, getting quick chances of obtaining non-S1 hero compared to the output of a single building. Instead of waiting seven days for the retrain in a single building, it basically averages to a legendary retraining per 3-4 days. This is one strategy mirrored from players who have been running 2 TC20s simultaneously.

While most agree with that sentiment, this is not the proper thread to do so. You may want to share your mind here (or some other threads):

On this matter, I would beg to disagree. While it is not the best Hero Academy we envisioned and desired, players can still at least train feeder troops, trainer heroes and retrain epic troops and legendary heroes. We all need to play with the card being dealt. As far as we are concerned, some players there have already obtained several non-S1 heroes, beating the 5% odds. Me, I continuously churn my dupes and excess heroes just for the hope of getting better ones.

Solution to what? If you are referring on how to address dupe heroes, SG has already made an official announcement that the release of the Hero Academy is not the solution to our woes. That is why some players created and participated on the poll provided above. It’s not a solution, but some players might exploit the feature of having 2 Hero Academies to speed up feeder troop production and level or max their main troops. I know I would if such feature is available although I am more inclined to have one single HA with 3 to 5 different functions simultaneously processing the training or retraining of heroes/troops.

EDIT: I hope @FrenziedEye can integrate this to the Improve / Fix Hero Academy. That way, we have one master thread on how it can be improved in favor of the players.

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please no on the second building. managing what buildings to shift and when, especially when you have both builders occupied, is annoying. i don’t want to take out a farm or mine because i’m always in constant need of food and iron.

please yes on more than two simultaneous trainings in the Hero Academy. there are lots of useful levels, between HA3 popping out 2* feeders quickly, HA4 (i think it’s 4) for uncommon and HA6 for rare troops, and HA7 for trainer heroes. thanks to stockpiling HA7, i was able to fully level Guardian Gazelle quickly after I summoned her during Teltoc.

i think three trainings is fair, just like Alchemy Lab, even though AL has 20 different levels.

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Cheers to you for patiently writing that all out.

I get how people are frustrated about HA (as per other threads), but that’s old chewed out topic now (which I would rather not retread)…

So… Looking forward…

There is a possibility SGG may not be able improve HA in the near future. However… unlocking SH25 became available about a year ago. And there maybe further SH levels to unlock coming up…

So if and when more SH levels get unlocked… unlocking another HA could be beneficial depending how you use 2 of them.

Maybe the developers already have some ideas in mind … but I hope they read the posts by others in this thread and their POV before they unlock the next SH level.

  • Bottom line - players do want to be able to use more than 2 HA levels at a time so here are 2 approaches with pros and cons with each.

I get your POV on your reply. However… if you have run 2 TC20s at a time for example… you may like running 2 HA7 at a time. Or like @Radar1 you may like being able to retrain two 5* at a time (a big improvement over our current situation and problem with dupes.)

For me…

I have HA6+7 running nonstop (iron and food storage)… which means I cannot even use HA3 even tho it’s great for leveling up heroes. I would love to be able to use HA3 also… which sounds simple but so far out of my reach lol.

i only ever ran one TC20, and while i’m still missing some S1 5* heroes, i retired it because i expect i’ll just pull those other heroes i’m missing in the course of all the other summoning i’ll do in the future. if not, they’re not heroes i’m pining for terribly—though it would be nice to have Thorne and Isarnia. in any case, i’m putting the food and recruits to different use that suits my current needs better.

i would be willing to accept a second HA if the base itself expands. i’ve already switched three of my forges to HL, HA, and AL, and with two of them running constantly and HL still being upgraded, that leaves the one forge for switching back and forth between it and the Barracks. that kind of building management is already annoying, and i don’t want to add a second HA to that problem.

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I believe that, for starters, queuing in HA10 should be a right.
It wouldn’t impact SG in any way and would make players life easier.

This is a QoL that we shouldn’t beg for.
We should say “give it to us or we will make a spending strike that will compromise the final tranche of your Zynga acquisition”.

Meet you at La Bastille on July, 14th!
Allez les joueurs!

Edit: just want to point out that this post is facetious. Ish. :smirk:

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I would advocate more for 3 simultaneous processes in the HA, AND being able to queue the HA10 option.

(The criticisms of the HA are well-known, valid, and merit investigation and reworking on the part of SGG, but this is all I will speak of it here.)

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I really like the idea of more parallel processes. Otherwise we are limited to the same 2 levels.
There are other options that are worth trying, at least for some periods of time.

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