Request Removal of "this alliance wants you" feature

The feature which throws newer players into a alliance the perceived indication that the alliance wants you…
It causes more harm then good.

  1. ppl do not know there are many alliances to chose from.
  2. They usually do not end up at a training alliance
    (sometimes it’s a dead one and they are stuck and don’t know any better)

I think this would be helpful for getting more quality players… just a thought.
When I started I was in a alli with just 3 people for a long time before I realized you could move around or how too and it was a nightmare… since then I have met a lot off ppl that had similar situation and we try to help them as much as possible in my alli now but I feel the feature either needs improved or removed…


This message can be confusing as this means that to me at first sight a particular alliance requested me to join, but as far as I know the game generates randomly these invites for those who are no in an alliance.

Maybe this feature can be refined.
An alliance should be able to uncheck that do they want to be advertised in these kind of automatic invitations or not.
Or if a player do not want to be in any alliance then he should be able to disable receiving these invitations as we are already getting lot of offers, etc… coming up and with this option these users can be 1 click closer to actually do something in the game :slight_smile:


This is usually for new members, something like help in getting to know the game. Because some members have trouble joining the alliance. a necessary detail for me

Personally I agree with the premise of the OP however I also think that the feature has merit/ use.

The easiest/ best solution would be to make the feature an “opt-in”

Meaning that Alliance Leadership must opt their alliance into the “This alliance wants you” feature. You can even make it a weekly opt-in so that Leadership has to keep opting into the feature on an ongoing basis.


That sounds exactly like my first alliance, after 2 years the alliance has shrunk, it’s a train wreck, the leader who was lazy appointed a co leader who also didn’t like working so despite always having a “full” alliance, 7 had 0 cups, others had been inactive for months no rules are enforced but the former co leader with a whole 138 cups of experience (and was bone idle) tried to order me one day and I left. The sad thing is they have about 5 quality members who seem to be stuck there and not really advancing bar one girl who is a talent.

Whatever is going on, they are always full of accounts that get abandoned after days or weeks.

EDIT: I should have qualified that that is not my current alliance that is absolutely perfect for me and a nicer bunch of folks would be hard to find

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Great idea. I like it. Something needs done. Great Brain.

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Does anyone know when this feature (This Alliance Wants You) was introduced? I thought it was in release notes, but am having trouble locating it…

I would prefer an alliance opt in choice as well. And it looks like it “targets” alliances set to “open”… Is that true?


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Added in Version 28:

Small adjustment to functionality in Version 30


Would clear up confusion

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