Request: Private chat //Fitur Chat


Tolong tambahkan fitur chat pribadi ke sesama lain agar bisa private message… Pada game lain fitur ini ada, kenapa di game ini tidak di buat…?


"Can you please add the feature of private chat to the other fellow to be a private message … In other games this feature exists, why in this game wasn’t made …?"

Banyak orang telah meminta ini. Saya tidak yakin apakah mereka akan melakukannya.


Y alliance would like to see private chat options between certain players within an alliance. For instance, the ability for the leader to chat with co-leaders and elders in private to strategize our moves in AW’s, or perhaps to discuss whether certain players should be promoted or kicked off the team.


No lo creo necesario…si me gustaria una luz para saber quien esta conectado