Request from my team members

Hello, I’m the boss of the dragon companions alliance.

I have two requests for developers.

I am new to this forum and I try to express myself in English by being French-speaking, I hope that it is not a problem that I post both on the same post?

  1. Many of my members ask if you could set up an exchange system between members of the same alliance.

  2. The specific quests where there are 3 difficulty levels with rewards per level, those where we have to fight players from all over the world.

You have surely noticed in the database, that very can manage to carry out these quests and that many make only the beginnings of quests in the hope of at least obtaining the summon token. I personally noted the results on several quests and the 2 levels of rewards or really the people who find themselves there win heavy and interesting on 8 quests, it is always the same players who win them in one or two players close …

You could not foresee, for example for this kind of quests that it is a little more fair. to create “champions” and items useful to upgrade them, but that we could only win by participating in these quests, Champions that each player could win even at low level and could for example go up to their choice, name, strength , special abilities, color, speed, star level etc depending on the items won and available and of course that always depending on the strength and number of levels won more or less powerful items would be the key.

This champion should of course take the place of a hero of the player’s choice, but everyone could win him at a low level and ride him as he wins his quests. hero who would start at star level 1 and would stay constantly with the player until reaching 5 or 6,7,8 he would have no limits.

Do you think this is achievable please?

Hi, my Alliance and I often speak about being able to swap heroes or items. Would be great if we could


Hi @ruzor and @Sambolinasam

Trading is being discussed here

[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I’m not quite following post 2. Perhaps a friend with a little more English can assist? Or can you post the idea in French too and we can have a go at translating it.


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ha je ne demande pas mieux, c’est juste que je me suis fais signaler lors d’un post parce que je n’avais pas répondu en Anglais.

voila la copie en Français

Bonjour, je suis le patron de l’alliance « les compagnons du dragon ».

J’ai deux demandes aux développeurs.

J’espère que ce n’est pas un problème que je poste les deux sur le même post?

  1. Beaucoup de mes membres demandent si vous pourriez mettre en place un système d’échange entre les membres de la même alliance.

  2. Les quêtes spécifiques où il y a 3 niveaux de difficulté avec des récompenses par niveau, celles où nous devons combattre des joueurs du monde entier.

Vous avez sûrement remarqué dans la base de données, que très peut arrivent à mener à bien ces quêtes et que beaucoup ne font que les débuts de quêtes dans l’espoir d’obtenir au moins le jeton d’invocation. J’ai personnellement noté les résultats sur plusieurs quêtes et les 2 niveaux de récompenses ou vraiment les gens qui s’y retrouvent gagnent du lourd et de l’ intéressant sur 8 quêtes, ce sont toujours les mêmes joueurs à un ou deux près,qui les gagnent

On ne pourrait pas prévoir, par exemple pour ce genre de quêtes, pour que ce soit un peu plus équitable pour tous, de créer des «champions» et des objets utiles pour les améliorer, mais que nous ne pourrions gagner qu’en participant à ces quêtes, des champions que chaque joueur pourrait gagner même à bas niveau et pourraient par exemple évoluer au choix du joueur, nom, force, capacités spéciales , la couleur, la vitesse, le niveau des étoiles, etc. en fonction des éléments gagnés et disponibles et bien sûr, toujours en fonction de la force et du nombre de niveaux gagnés, des éléments plus ou moins puissants seraient à la clef.

Ce champion devrait bien sûr prendre la place d’un héros sur le tableau de combat au choix du joueur, mais tout le monde pourrait le gagner à un niveau bas et le monter au fur et à mesure qu’il gagne ses quêtes. Champion qui commencerait au niveau d’étoile 1 et resterait constamment avec le joueur jusqu’à atteindre 5 ou 6,7,8, il n’aurait aucune limite.

Pensez-vous que cela soit réalisable s’il vous plaît?

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@IvyTheTerrible … Care to test your skills ^^

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I’ll try to help, but having worked on it a bit and referring to the English OP, it appears that a complete and perfect translation is beyond me. Or, it is possible that my Duolingo based knowledge is shockingly deficient on phone app lingo (especially if it’s colloquial).

ruzor is the leader of an alliance and has two questions for the game developers. They hope that it is not a problem to ask both in the same post (very polite).

  1. This is a request for an inter-alliance trading system, which I think Jonah already addressed sufficiently by directing ruzor to the main thread.

  2. What is being referred to here is the monthly challenge events (three difficulty levels - in case it is confusing to anyone, talk about fighting players around the world would be better rendered in English as competing for high scores).

ruzor speculates that the E&P database would show that very few are completing these quests, but many start it in hopes of getting various rewards (at least the summon token - I think they’re talking about the fact that the lowest reward bracket for some tiers either did or does give you ONLY a summon token). Having tracked the top two levels (I think they mean the epic and legendary scores here), they have noticed the same players win again and again. I am NOT sure what they are referring to about 8 quests - I have been unable to think of a game aspect with 8 levels.

Now my translation is almost completely worthless:

It seems ruzor suggest creating “champions” and useful items, that could only be won by participating in the quests (again, I think we mean the monthly challenge events here). These would be available even for low level players and could be leveled up.

At this point I am struggling in two spots.

  1. We DO have items in the game and I think most regard them as useful. However, this appears to be the lesser point as it isn’t really addressed subsequently.

  2. I am confused about the champion concept in that I don’t see how it really differs from the heroes we already have. ruzor suggests the player would have a choice about strength, special skill, color, mana speed, and number of stars though. Perhaps that is the key and this is a request for more customizability.

The rest is about how this would be implemented into the game, but I’m far from 100% certain I have the core concept correct. My best guess is that this “champion” would be available early in the game (almost à la Bane, but won in the challenge events), is more customizable than normal heroes, takes the place of a hero in battle, and can be leveled without limit. That last part seems important to OP - when you hit level 50, your champion is level 50.

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Merci pour cette traduction a 98% très correcte.
je parle en effet des quêtes mensuelles avec les niveaux facile, difficile et épique
pour les autres quêtes, personne ne les trouve trop compliquées et même les apprécient.
Lorsque je parle de vérification sur 8 quêtes, je parle sur 8 quêtes mensuelles différente, pas de quêtes sur 8 niveaux :slight_smile:
ainsi quand je parle de niveau de base du champion je parle des étoiles du champion pas du niveau par rapport au niveau du joueur. Certains joueurs aiment , certains héros comme par exemple lixiu 4* et aimeraient qu’il puissent monter en étoiles( épiques,rares,légendaires ) et les conserver plutôt que devoir changer de héros
Voila, j’espère que je me suis mieux fais comprendre ? navré de ce problème de la barrière des langues que je déplore

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De rien. Votre anglais est meiller que mon français, mais je suis heureux d’essayer de vous aider.

To Jonah / others:

ruzor says my proffered translation is basically correct.

Re; the number 8, I think this is a suggestion to have 8 different monthly quests.

The “champion” idea now seems to be a suggestion I’ve seen elsewhere, to essentially evolve a hero. For example, you have Jahangir, who can be maxed and then further ascended, at which point he morphs into Colen, who you can then level up, and when you max him you can convert him into Azlar.

More or less. I think the idea in ruzor’s mind may be a little different, perhaps that the hero stays who they are, but increases in stats to still be viable against tougher competition. But I think that’s the gist.

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they should simply charge, lets say 100 gems per trade within alliance and the power difference of trading heroes must be between +10/-10. Trading only after about 50-100 days being in same alliance to avoid wandering merchants. Problem solved, they get a few more bucks through us buying gems and we feel like someones listening to us and have a new fun tool :thinking:

C’est l’idée oui beaucoup voudraient pouvoir avoir un même héro ou dans le cas de cette demande un champion et pouvoir le garder et l’améliorer

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