Request change in material requirements for consumables


I find the following consumables very difficult to craft given limited world energy, high cost, and overlapping material requirements. Please consider:

Super Healing Potions. 60,300 food requirement per potion. Competes against hero and troop leveling. Also breaks internal logic of game… I can imagine hordes of troops requiring mass amounts of food but a single potion?

Mana Potions. Potent leaves, grimoire dust, and midnight roots. One or more of these ingredients are used in at least 5 other items. So crafting mana pots essentially prevents crafting many other mid to high level items. Sharing midnight roots with the Bomb Attack is especially troublesome. Why does a Bomb require roots? Wouldn’t firestone make more sense? Mana Potions are essential for Titan battles, especially for players who don’t have Athena. Please shuffle around the ingredients for these mid level items so we deal with less struggle and frustration in preparing for Titan battles and rare quests. Many players have Athena and farming consumables is necessary to compete with them for Titan loot. Even crafting minor mana potions is intensive enough to take the fun out of playing the map.

I strongly feel this is an area where SG can afford to be more generous. Crafting low and mid level items should be relatively easy and not detract from the most fun aspects of the game. As it stands now, most of the fun and rewarding areas of map are shut down by having to farm just a few provinces for materials and then you have the added frustration of the drop rates for those materials being so low.


I love this post i too am frustrated by this same thing, also that too many of craft items need mushrooms and this would b an easy thing for the devs to fix.


Sorry to bump my own thread but I’ve used up two full loads of world energy chasing mana potions and I’ve scored enough mats for one, count it, one minor mana potion.

I can’t stress how much I’d like to see this change.


Zapper, what mats are you low on? I farm 7-7 for String (arrows) and leather strips (minor blue potion).

Mai suggests 3-6 for the strips.

Large bones are found in Provinces 2 and 9. Have you tried 9-1?


I find the Never Ending farming of materials in this game absolutely frustrating. I have been sitting at Providence 20.2 for over a month now because all of my energies go towards back playing to get materials needed to make simple items. How are you ever supposed to progress through the game if you spend all of your time trying to farm materials from previous areas.

I have spent the last two days farming 16.9 trying to get potent leaves and think I have only gotten four in that entire time. The sad thing is, 16 is supposed to be where they are more regularly attained. That is obviously not true.


I’m not trying to be insulting in any way right now, but I’m genuinely wondering: What are you all using all of these items for? I Don’t tend to use many items, so I’ve never encountered the problem being discussed here.

I’m not being dismissive of your problem, but if you’re relying on a strategy that needs lots of items in order to be successful but playing the game doesn’t give you enough of those items, maybe the problem isn’t the drops its your strategy.

Another way of looking at it is this: You have a strategy that works well, but is very expensive. The cheaper strategy (no items) doesn’t work as well. You’re complaining that the better strategy costs more. Well it costs more because it’s better. If you were meant to use items every fight the items would be free. They have a cost precisely for the reason you’re complaining, to prohibit their effortless use.


I can only speak for myself here but I usually use arrows, mana potions, antidotes, and dragon banners every titan fight.
Do I have to? No. Is it more fun to make more damage? Yeah! :slight_smile:


Well that sort of just further supports my point. You like using items because it boosts your damage. But that damage has a cost. If they wanted you to have a dragon banner up at all times they’d just give all characters +30% Attack and Defense. Instead you have to choose when it’s worth using it.


This is my first phone app game, so the pay to play model is new to me. In mmorpg’s farming for consumables is a well established element of the game and having an array of consumables for boss fights is de rigueur. The gameplay of E&P is modeled after mmorpg’s so I naturally expect to be able to farm mats. With world energy and drop rates as they are it’s clear we’re not intended to ever have enough consumables so I am requesting that change. I think a better balance can be set.


I’m not arguing your point, just stating what consumables I usually use and my “emotional” reason for using them :slight_smile:

And I agree with @ZapperCat on the farming issue.
If you put the time and energy in, you should effectivly be able to farm your materials.
As it stands, the world energy consumption vs. rewards is just all out of whack. The loot variance is too high.

And easing up on the “farming” side wouldn’t really affect their sales either, since nobody buys farmable material.


I love this post.

I have big problems with keeping up with ingredient as well. The most fun about the game right now are titan battles. And doing as much damage as possible. That requires a lot of battle items.

For example I use at least 8/10 small mana potions pr battle. To boost on valuable hero special depending on the situation. If I have 8 titan hits during 1 titan (which is the max) I use 64! <- small manapots on 1 single titan. meaning I need to harvest 64 “Large Bone” and 64 “Leather Strips”. for only my mana pots on that particular titan. Not to mention the antidotes, axes or healing I use on the same titan situationaly.

That being said, I farm very much. Everyday I buy world energy to farm, and I have no chance to keep up with the materials I use. Then I get to think about others who dont use as much energy as I do. Is there any chance that they get to use any items at all?

There was an update that changed the reacharge time of the alliance energy from 6 hours to 4 hours. This means more titan hits then before. Have the devs though about that it means we need to use more items since we are fighting more often?

I really hope they work something out. Let the titan fights be fun for everyone and nerf the material requirement for at least the lower level battleitems?