Request: calendar of daily login rewards//Календарь добавьте


Добавьте за каждый день входа какойнибудь приз. На 30 дней и вконце месяца какой нибуди дорогой подарок. Тем самым повысите онлайн ежесуточно


This is a request to add a calendar of sorts with small daily login rewards, (with an added bonus after logging in for 30 days., this is assumed, because I’m not sure of my translation) I got lost on part of the middle because I don’t know what “нибуди” means.

I will note that we already have this, though not with a calendar, we have the free daily summon.

У нас уже есть бесплатный ежедневный герой вызывать. Это похоже на ваш запрос.


Penari, he may mean something similar to other games that offer small items every day that you login, culminating in a nice little prize by a set day (7th day, 30th day), provided you never missed a day.

Obviously EP does things differently. :wink: