Request buff S1 & S2 heroes

I’m sure I’m not the first person to request a hero buff, but please share a few mins with me.

non-costume S1 heroes has 750 power without talents
S2 heroes has about 775 power without talents

while S4 heroes has 800+ power without talents.

and the spells for all S1 heroes(non-costume) are simply too weak compared to S3/S4 heroes, same for some S2 heroes / old HoTM.

other than very fast mana tournaments / wars, non-costume S1 heroes are basically useless. most (if not all) of AOEs are slow speed and has no additional effects other than a mediocre damage. S2 heroes are a bit better but some of them are still quite useless.

for example Inari’s spell is similar to costume kadilen, except for it’s slower, has no damage and minion may not be as good.

to me, the problem of the current heroes is, SG is basically telling all players to spend money or quit. people I’ve been playing with for 2+yrs (a top-100 alliance) are almost all quitting at this point. most of these people have spent lots of money on the game and some has never spend a single penny.

I’m pretty sure the same thing is happening else where (other alliance, including competitive ones too)

it’s just not a good gaming experience when you know the only way to enjoy is to pay money, or you lose to begin with. a better balance will be appreciated by all players for sure. costumes are good additions, but at the end of the day it’s still a premium: you still need to pay to get the upgrade.


Haven’t you heard? S1 and S2 heroes are the in-demand heroes that can decimate the defense of players with 10K+ investments in the game. Why would they need a buff?

I laugh so much when I read this dude with 10k++ spend :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Homaclese lol, hilarious comeback

@touka, SG business is MONEY, S1 heroes are introductory heroes, for those new on the game the will spend the money chasing this heroes until they get some experience and learn the power of other heroes.

For the rest of us, it is a way of padding the summon portals to lower the chance of getting those overpower heroes compare to the S1 heroes hence spending thousands of dollars chasing them (or 10K lol)

Their solution for those underpower S1 heroes is the custom portal which is more money to spend.

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