Reqarding Longterm Players

I agree this game is very slow to become a great level player you have to invest a lot of money, they give few gems and few builders…!!!

Maybe it’s been mentioned… But you can get a epic hero token every level up after 100… Sho 12 per year… Thank you very much.

Do you really dont know Zynga’s reputation?
Zynga is a shark
Zynga worships the $
Zynga sunk many good mobile games before due to its extreme greed and poor quality of life towards the players
I kinda laugh when i read people expecting things from zynga
I play since 2017 and the day i read that zynga bought sg in late 2018 i prepared myself to very low things from this game…the whales are keeping zynga from improving the QOL but also keeping the game alive…somehow for them more than for the ftp
Ps: im ftp since 2017.


How much are you paid by E&p just to give such poor arguments…. The « if you are not happy go away » thing is such a non respectful answer….

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Actually, I pay E&P and my ISP to give such answers… It’s not an argument, it’s a fact of life in my opinion. If you’re not happy with something history shows that the best way to show your disdain is to stop your involvement, boycott the thing which makes you unhappy… A bit lke you’ll probably do with the rest of this conversation… Arguing will only make you unhappy as you’ll change nothing with just complaints. Action generally gets results one way or another. Think it over. You’ll see the light and bring much happiness to your life.

Game well :sunglasses:


It’s clear you have a lack of understanding for what it means to be pot committed. +
You wrote ‘no disrespect’ and then followed it with a comment which is clearly disrespectful.


Maybe I do have a lack of understanding what it means to be “pot committed”. Especially as this is the first time I have ever come across the phrase. Care to explain?

To cover your second part, the post I was responding and the person who wrote it didn’t find it disrespectful and neither did I. It also was never intended to be such, however, If you feel that it is disrespectful then you are entitled to your opinion. After all, I have little control over how you intrepret my words.

Looking forward to being educated on the above phrase and thanks in advance


@Blem @HELLFIRE Thanks both, I think it’s all been cleared up now.

Please let’s move on.

@HELLFIRE how are you? Been a long time!


Pot committed is a gambling term most commonly used in variations of poker where you have put such a large proportion of your chips into the pot that to fold your hand would put you in an unwinnable position that you can’t come back from so even if you think you may be on the losing end you have to continue.

Really makes no sense in this context as you don’t get a payout in this game. The only payout is enjoyment.

There is a different gambling strap-line that does fit in though. “When the fun stops. Stop.”


Clearly you didn’t expect anything from SGG either as you’ve been FTP since before Zynga bought them out. But please, continue with your complaints as you’re entitled to them even though you’ve never spent anything to support a product that you’ve obviously enjoyed for free since the start.

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Thanks for that. I worked in casinos for years and play a bit of poker so suprised I didn’t know the term. Always good to learn something new :+1:

Game Well :sunglasses:

Hi, my name is Layla69, and I totally agree…I have been playing for at least 5 years, I spend money and I haven’t been given back any thing close to what I have spent, and my start date isn’t correct. I’m hooked


This is the only game I play,
I don’t mind having to work hard to grow and earn the good stuff

I don’t spend money, so it is a slow-grind, but being retired, it gives me something play all day long

If things were very easy to get, the game would not be worth the effort


Yes, the rewards could be more enticing for players, and, should be spread better e.g they know that a player doesn’t have any more fighters, for example, yet, that player will receive mainly fighter talents and very little of other talents… Very Frustrating…


They could give 1 bonus hero card increase every 5 lvl after 40 (30?) and 1 team slot every 10 level after lvl 50 (40?).

Avatars… pins (medals?)

Some special reward, similar to finishing a season at significant levels 50, 75, 100.

Mats , emblems, aether, tomes, a special hero, or some token for a soul exchange
(50= 5, 75=15, 100= 20 ?

In any combination…

Something creative and fun.

It wouldn’t cost much.

And by thoses levels, you have been playing a lot, and investing significant time and / or money.


I totally agree with you 100%
Not only the lack of items received but also game play seems so slow alot of times, and it’s only a matter of getting feeders going daily to upgrade hero’s. Plus one emblem here and there will take literally years to get your full roster of hero’s maxed. I’m not the one to spend $100 a day to do so. And it seems to me E&P is only out for that $!! Give us! who keep this game running, more items, more gameplay, and mainly more Resources to do anything with a Game. Ohh and come on! 3 cheap items if you loose a alliance war? Huh really. E&P please stop being so tight!!


In the same boat!! So many nerfs shortly after summons have apiree me entirely. No trust or stability in my opinion.


@DrkDiddy Yeah this is something that has been talked about for ages. It hasn’t changed and likely won’t change. Arguably the Soul Exchange was the long term reward.

Their business model is about prioritising whales; long term players (who are not necessarily whales) are a secondary priority.

I myself have tried other games too. Their rewards were better, but the grind required to get to the same level as what I have now in E and P would still take a long time. Basically SG probably knows this too and is banking on some of us returning after being in the wilderness.

That said, I commend you and others (including @Gwniver) for badgering SG about rewarding long-term players and looking out for our overall happiness / Quality of Life. Doesnt hurt to ask I suppose even if it’s unlikely to happen. Hopefully some requests get listened to.


I think badgering is the only way, lol. I do want to be respectful too as the game is good. My main hope is they learn from their mistakes and continue solid gameplay. It may be fantasy, but would be nice if they ended up coming up with something. I hope your gaming is blessed with many 5 star single pulls!

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Pot committed means you have put too much in to turn back.
It means you are committed to continue opposed to the alternative of losing everything you had gained up to that point.

The way i relate it to this game is that people say , ok don’t play… That’s not easy when all your chips are already in the middle. It’s much easier to turn back and take it as a loss if the decision is made before you put so much in.
But of course we all don’t realize until it’s too late… hence it’s difficult to fold. Hence the term pot committed.