Reqarding Longterm Players

I have 2 friends IRL who play this but also used to play a Game set in the Stars where you Trek around in numerous different space ships (you got that right???)

They both started that before E&P (both around 3 to 4 years ago) and now they both only play E&P.

In there own words it was something like if you think E&P is expensive you haven’t seen anything. Neither felt they could remotely keep up with dropping serious cash and not being able to gather basic resources without getting smashed proved too frustrating.

I played another game for a couple of months as well that was super generous and a lot could be sped up watching Adverts. It got boring and repetitive very quickly.

E&P isn’t as generous for sure but this does mean when you get something it feels like you earnt it. One of my friends is pure F2P and the other C2P. Both have different roster strengths but both play and enjoy the game still everyday.


I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you all!

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I’d love to share but I thought it wasn’t allowed to even mention other games by name here? (Gosh, when I think about that forum rule it really rubs me the wrong way - talk about fearing the competition.)

Edit: Removed the section I wrote about the other game - it was violating the forum rules :confused:


FYI @Gwniver


Thank you :100: I thought I was allowed to talk about it at least, just without naming it. Seems not! Editted my post - thank you again :heart:


That makes no sense to me… You don’t like the game, You don’t like how they do things. You get no enjoyment out of the game, you’ve found a similar game which you consider to be superior but you find it hard to leave? No disrespect but I think you might need to consider seeing someone about that. That is not a fun way to live life. Personally, once something no longer brings joy or positivity to my life then it gets dropped like a hot rock. Nothing is more important to me than my own wellbeing and happiness. Certainly not a set of pixels on a screen.

Game well :sunglasses:


Woooh! Where did that come from?

Are you actually meaning that at me?

Where did I mention I found a similar game there?

You have to detach yourself in order to exit.

Drop emotional ties. You have developed pretty strong emotional ties by now. It’s like having a favourite toy. That toy got broken but you can’t bring yourself to dump it. So you keep it and still play with it, even though it’s broken.

Drop habitual ties. By now this game is embedded in your daily routine. In some way or other. You can call it addiction like smoking or getting a fix. It’s not necessarily that. A daily routine sets the day right for many.

If that daily routine gets messed up, it can feel awry, odd, disconcerting or downright unsettling.

When you move to a new job, or a new home, that unsettled feeling.

Detachment is much harder than people think.

Try detaching yourself.

Find a new game.
Find a new hobby
Slowly spend less time on this game.
Need to minimise contact with your game friends.
Etc etc

When you have a new routine that excludes this game, you may laugh at yourself for taking so long to get a breath of fresh air.


I just said this in response to his post

It’s very easy to say that, but it’s very hard to leave after 4+ years.

I wasn’t necessarily talking about myself.

Thanks though


I originally responded to the OP… You responded to that, I then responded to your response. Considering what the OP has said it shouldn’t be difficult to leave the game after any amount of time. My response was not specific to you, rather to your response. My apologies for any confusion.

Game well :sunglasses:


Thanks, I had a feeling it wasn’t meant for me but of course the notification said you responded to me.

Thanks for the clarification.

Game well too. Best wishes


This is how i feel tbh… Would i like more rewards as a long term player ? Of course ! Will it happen ? Of course not :joy: Ive stuck with the game this long and shall continue to do so until i get bored, no other mobile game has kept me this hooked for this long so all good :grin:


Thank you for responding everyone! Even the unnecessarily catty ones. I appreciate the thoughts and the time taken . I would like to note, I never said i didn’t like the game. I am a consumer and I think criticism is ok. I dont feel it was overly negative or was it meant to be.

Game well


what is given easily won’t be gained hard and with… your time in the process and the money which comes along.
so yes, you like it, you stay, you might buy or at least advertise it - even when you whyne/etc.

overall it’s called a bussines which brought them… like 1 mill’ each? a few years ago? yeah

so, all good comes to those who wait and… think. lol
cya :kissing_heart:

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True, thank you. I wasn’t really ok with the buffs either. Yeah its nice and all, but I would rather they stay as released. It does ruin trust, I should know better, but I do love elements of this game. I wish I could quit you E & P! :laughing:


I agree! I think by a certain level we should be getting better awards. That alone shows your loyalty to the game. To refil everything, give you a token, and a couple gems at level 50 or above just doesnt seem to cut it.


Hm… :thinking:
I’ll bite.

The thing with the concept of loyalty in these transactional relationships is… it rarely means anything to the one receiving the money. The customer is a faceless entity whom is replaceable with another equally faceless customer. Only what they spend on the product is really seen.

With that out of the way…

It’s always interesting to make comparisons to other games. My most frequent reference point is to the oldest mobile game I’ve played, which has certain summons mechanics which I’m sure E&P customers would love to have: pity summons, and no-duplicate pull mechanic. It’s possible to own every hero in the game through eventual relentless grind, because the grind is rewarded, as a genuine free to play ‘customer’.

One game mentioned earlier in the thread was interesting too. Leveling is more akin to RPGs I’m familiar with. I’ve tried many of the zombie variants, and god themed match-3 puzzlers; thing is, unless they do something substantially different in terms of game mechanics, then it’s not enough to switch over.

I haven’t played many games where loyalty has been rewarded (though I’ve seen the odd anniversary bonus). Honestly, I wouldn’t really expect it. If the game is already rewarding through gameplay and standard practice, what would a loyalty bonus be? Herein might be one of the problems of the game for some.


The loyalty bonus is the quality of the game. And in that respect Empires can hardly be beaten. That’s more important than a few EHTs or whatever. What people really want is a hero of their choice - and that will never happen anyway. If you enjoy the game, play it. If a lack of freebies really bothers some folks, then maybe it is the wrong game for them.


Frankly I feel that at least putting these thoughts and ideas out there is important. Things like soul exchange wouldn’t exist without people saying this isnt right and it could be done better. In the end it could create better retention and benefit everyone. I know, its extreme of me to even think such horrible things. Im sorry E & P. I hope I didn’t offend you

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This is great thank you

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