Reqarding Longterm Players

This may not mean much to some, but I play other games that offer so much more to players for loyalty, inluding free gems, yearly rewards, etc. I find what we receive is truly lackluster in comparison to some others. Have others seen this issue as well? The occasional free token and some emblems that are awarded to everyone across the board really doesn’t show genuine appreciation for long term players. I enjoy the game itself, which is why I have stuck around, but its hard to stay. I am a ptp player as well, but have cut back greatly. After chasing costume Krampus and a huge nerf afterwards and really not much of an apology with a reset token that didn’t give you back much has still lingered with me for a while. Not that he was the only hero I received that was nerfed shortly afterwards. Sorry for the lengthy diatribe. Thank you


I played madden online a few years ago and what you got after 1 year was a full reset of your team and the opportunity to buy a whole new team.

This… Not as terrible.


They’re afraid of giving nice stuff away. They want you to work for it, and then nerf it by turning it into a barbarian.


I agree. I tried Call of Antia and their rewards were light years above this game. I also play a different style mobile game which too offers much better loyalty rewards. Sadly, I didnt keep playing CoA because I’m so invested in this one. Also, I refuse to fall for the same shaddy practices twice so didn’t want to invest into it.


Lol, I can understand except I cannot name what this game has given me for being loyal for a year. I enjoy playing with the other members is probably the only reason I stick around, plus the investment ive already made. Just knowing what I spent is nothing compared to others, but i know there is no reason they cannot come up with something thoughtful

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I’ve started playing another mobile game that was, ironically advertised during MV. It offers genuine daily rewards and lots of free stuff on a regular basis… Yes there are ads to speed through stuff, and yes they have daily deals you can buy, but in just a few weeks I’ve opened quite a few quests and am keen to complete more.

So, I’m really enjoying this “other game”, and what’s more there are team rewards / competitions available as well specifically for those in who want to take part. So you can choose to opt out / in and still stay in the team.

Teams are also classified using 4 different criteria based on level of activity - this was super helpful when I first downloaded the game. If I’d found that game before E&P, well who knows :thinking:.


This reminds me of an ex who used to always quip that her ex would pay her phone bill, pay for her to get her hair done, pay for her nails, sometimes pay her rent even though he didn’t live there and had his own place, took her out to eat a couple times a week etc etc. I told her that maybe she should consider going back to him if she wants that.

It sounds harsh but if you don’t like the game or the way they do things then you do have the option not to play. Afterall, if the grass is honestly greener over there then what on earth are you doing here? :thinking: :man_shrugging:

Game Happy :sunglasses:


I wonder if we’re playing the same other game. Similar rewards for me. Mine gave away what is considered their 5 star heroes for their 6th anniversary. It was random but still wonderful. I also received some random ones for my anniversary in playing. I had stopped playing it a few years ago, to log back in to amazingness. Thats not all they gave us either gems, materials etc. Its a different level of appreciation coming from a game i haven’t invested in.


Is there a way to send messages amongst one another (inbox?) Or maybe you should add me on line?

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I have begun to notice that too. Even with things such as a fast forward, or double speed on auto farming is something I have experienced in many other games. But for two years in the Q & A it has been shut down - it won´t be happening.

It is a sad development, these kinds of games, where most of the gameplay is repeat, repeat, repeat, has become the new normal. Of course not all content has to be filled with immersing gameplay and rich quests and dialogue. But I would like for content that we have to repeat over and over, to at least not require so much autoplaying that takes far too long.

But I think game developers might view things in a very easy way when deciding what to spend time on;

If it´s not broken (prevents money flowing in) then do not spend time fixing it.

This is of course not the case for all and everything (levelling our heroes with more than ten feeders at the time was certainly nice!)

As far as Heroes and Summons go, I play a different game, where I, as a F2P, have around 80% of all the heroes in the game. And that´s actually fun. It feels “light” in a way, and less depressing than EP. The same game also have a fast forward option, to make farmable gameplay go a bit faster. And plenty of rewards, without it feeling like it´s too much. It´s actually great, now I think about it.


That is what is currently happening. Thank you for your input!

I am not sure. Im not currently using line. My alliance is in whatsapp

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DRKDiddy, i have been playing for more than 3 years and also play another game and have played about 6 or 7 other games that are comparable. And yes, other games are more generous, but in the long term offer so much less. It’s like a shiny new car that gives you lots of nice little things, but after a while you notice that they lack the basis. This game has constantly events, new heroes etc - other games copy each other endlessly. So, yes, we all like freebies, but on balance i prefer E&P by a country mile.

As for nerfs, happens everywhere. And buffs (rarely mentioned cause complaining is more fun) are actually more frequent. I don’t like nerfs, but sometimes they are unavoidable. I had my fair share of nerfs, but it’s all fairly irrelevant for me. Accept it, don’t let it fester, seems to work for me.


It’s very easy to say that, but it’s very hard to leave after 4+ years.


I played games where they gave VIP tiers for spenders. The more you spend the more free mini resources you get. Like free gems a day, free summons etc… even at some levels of the VIP tiers they would offer attack boosts to your avatars and increase chances of getting the good resouces and materials.

Really!? I would like to know the other games so I can avoid those lol. I find everthing in this you have to pay for. You have to purchase roster space just to house heroes you get and sometimes pay for. I just wish they could get realistic with some aspects. I do feel it has gotten greedier with time. Im trying to place focus on the positive aspects. Thank you for taking the time to respond! :slightly_smiling_face:


What game might that be?

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Pray tell and give us a clue about the New Game :wink:


Yes loyality rewards are bad in this game.

Unfortunately after looking into some other games I came to the conclusion, that E&P is still one of the best games on the market for this type of game.
So if I dont hit a really good new game I will stay with E&P. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not that I can talk about any other game, other than E&P the other game takes you on a journey looking for differences. Not a match 3 game ruled by RNG… Novel idea aye :wink:.