Reps United Looking to Absorb/Merge Sister Alliance

Hello All. We are looking for a sister alliance. Our only requirements up front are a name change and discord server merge.
What would suite what we are looking to build is a casual / struggling alliance that’s currently having issues staying full. The benefits we can offer is filling it pretty quick and keeping it fairly full with all of our recruits who are still building up to the tp and team requirenement for main.
Our main hangs out at 150 global ranked. Killing 12* rares without flasks. We would also cycle any players already at the main level to main for kills and loot as fairly as possible for equal split time.

We would like to build one whole community. Same shared discord space. Friendships and so on. We would like the sister alliance to be a place to cycle main accounts down to when real life happens people need a break and give others a fair equal amount of time in main. Teams and rosters and tactics can always improve so individual or overall current account status is less important to us than good people that will vibe with and form genuine friendships with our current 36 or so. The rest we can all work on together.

If you have struggled to stay full and recruit but have a core base of 15-20 good people who might vibe with us you are who we are looking for.

Thanks all. Feel free to add me as a friend and contact me directly to discuss further.

Discord ID Bobbiedoll#1941
For further discussion or questions.


Bdoll is da bomb diggity

this is a very good idea and yes yes yes

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Dont know how to use discord - have 3 accounts at lvl 59,57 and 43 - all 3 have best teams over 4200 - could you use me (CDA Idaho here)

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Come be apart of this Great Alliance!

We have spots open for you now. 1 in main for your top and 3 in Reps Lite. Hit me up.

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