Reps Family

We have built something unique. 3 alliances that all function and work together as 1.
Take a spot in any of the 3 and have the freedom to move between all 3 when you want. Not when we tell you to.

Reps United. Regularly in the top 100. Killing 13* and 14* titans. Hardcore players.
Minimums 90k per titan
125 total war score
2500 trophies maintained.

Reps Lite. 10* and 11* Titans. Competitive but more casual than United. Great for those who want to build rosters and move to top 100 when ready or folks who prefer to hang out and farm titans smaller than the 13* and 14*s.

Reps Loyal. 7 and 8* Titans. Casual play. Opt out of wars if needed. Flexible for real life conflicts of time. Most casual branch. Go here for game breaks and Rl conflicts. Move to and from as needed.

Taking a spot in any of the 3 guarantees a place for you in any of the branches when you want it.
We have two officers that coordinate moves between the 3 for anyone who wishes to move when they request it.

Amazing shared Discord Community. Awesome atmosphere. Helpful environment. Training and tips. Alliance contests monthly to keep game fresh.
Wonderful people.

We have 4 spots in Reps Lite currently and 1 in Reps Loyal.

Contact Discord ID Bobbiedoll#1941 or Line ID Bobbiedoll for questions.

Or hop in and take a spot today. Say Bob sent you.

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