Reps Family of Alliances

Reps United, top 100 side, 1 spot currently. Heavy hitters looking for a forever home. 4200+ Tp, six leveled war teams. Great sense of humor and low maintenance. No one who needs ego stroked please. We will have 2-3 openings in a week for folks to move from Lite to United for long term spots. Take those spots in Lite Now!

Reps Lite has 4 spot available. 3800+ Tp. Great sense of humor. Some one who wants to work towards a spot in top 100 when available.

Reps Loyal Lite 8 spots available. 3000+ TP. Training and New players welcome. Casual alliance of the three branches. Those wanting to work towards Reps Lite or Reps United spots.

Discord ID Bobbiedoll#1941


Got 1 spot left in United. I need some one who can Just beat kain on everything. Hes gotten way to comfortable. Are you the one? The one that can make kains eye twitch?

1 spot. Come take it!

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Hi all, I’m the leader of Reps Light and the Reps Family really is an fun/exciting place to be. Lots of humor, joking and good play. No one person is above the team. Reps Lite has won 5 Consecutive wars and we handle 10* titans. As well, we fill in for Reps United players taking breaks, so if you want the opportunity to check out a top alliance and hit 12* titans, come check us out

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Come be part of the United family!! Now is one of the best opportunities there will be. All alliances have room at the moment but that can quickly change, so stop waiting and come claim your spot in the United Family.

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What a great group of people to get involved with :slight_smile:

fun and encouraging environment with a lot of ribbing in between!

Ribbed for maximum pleasure! Bazinga!

Updated for current spots. Come one come all. Life long friendships. Fun alliance contests. All with a friendly competitive undertone. We compete as much with each other as with the rest of the game.

We look forward to hearing your absolute best pickup line.

Updated for current spots. COME ONE COME ALL TO OUR FUNHOUSE.

Hey, I’m sorry. I had absolutely no issue with anything that was said. Honest, nothing personal. No problems with any if you at all. I left because I wanted to try something different, not because of anything y’all did.

I sent friends request on discord…gonna delete those thread here. Please accept it so we can keep in touch if you decide you want to come back at some point.

Ok no worries I’ll add you.

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Ohh shiny. Congrats and good luck!

Anyone at all feel free to throw us a subscription. We really appreciate it.

I’ll stroke your ego anyways, but I can’t guarantee I won’t use sandpaper :eggplant:

Seriously though, Reps United, and now the Reps Family, took me in as a young pup - they’ve given me all the tools necessary to becoming an elite player, in a short amount of time.

Consider us as your Uncle Rico, but with better style!