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[Suggestion] Enemy Ambush event
Monsters preview stats
Allow replays of events!
[Suggestion, QoL] 6.5 day HA09 Epic Troop retraining & 6.5 day HA10 Legendary Hero retraining
[Suggestion] Production storage or consistent labeling ( 8+ links )
[Suggestion] Allow harpoons in Legendary tier of Challenge events
[Suggestion] Color blind settings per team
[Stub] Seasonal event completed indicator
[Suggestion] Trainer heroes use zero roster space
[Suggestion] Remove classes from new 1* / 2* heroes
[Stub] label each battlefield position in war
[Suggestion] Buying 3 WE, 1 RE, & 1 AE
[Suggestion] VIP PASS add +2 to all energy bars
[Suggestion] Add, or swap in, Costume keys for Challenge event, tier completion rewards
Roster space loot item idea
[Suggestion] Add Blue 4* Atlantis heroes to Academy, Add all 4* Atlantis heroes to Academy, Add mini Blue 4* Ariel / costumes Ariel to Academy [Balance 4* heroes]
[Suggestion] Tavern v3.0 only has a 50% chance of costume
[Suggestion] Add Summon tokens to Collect Gems and Collect Gems II
[Suggestion, Issue] Adjust Challenge Festival Difficulty for Rare, and Epic, Tiers
[Suggestion,QoL] Change 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 heroes into 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 Trainer heroes, zero roster space for trainer heroes and EHT on level up or update Camps, and Level up, for all/new players [Catch up mechanic]
[Suggestion] Elite energy flasks [stackable energy]
[Suggestion,QoL] GUI speed ups
[Suggestion] There Can Be Only One ... at a time OR Tight corridors in Labyrinth Tower OR Fighting with fewer, and fewer, hero slots
[Suggestion] Elite Loot tickets
[Suggestion] ¿Can freemium games be less predatory? OR Spend Depth versus Loot Boxes OR Stop the Hide
[Suggestion] Underwild "Descending" unique mob ( Treasure mob ) resurrects all dead heroes [Map Season Monthly Event]

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