Reporting Getting Out of Hand

I agree with OcandCo, more chatrooms would be beneficial.

I rarely chat in any of the chatrooms unless I am recruiting for my alliance or looking for a Merc but I do notice that there is a lot of unnecessary chatter in alliance recruitment. I believe this is due to the disgusting nature of General Chat and Off Topic.

I was recently in off topic and witnessed a couple sexting in the chat. The woman was talking about putting a collar on the guy and treating him like a dog and he was eating it up. Super weird… Anyways back to my point.

If the devs are not prepared to create more chatroom options I think they need to crack down on general chat and the off topic chat so people will not be subjected to using alliance recruitment as a way to connect with friends, recruit and help members. Cracking down on these chats may encourage members to trickle back into these areas and have conversations there. But until those two chats are regulated better AR will continue being a free for all chat.

I also think it is important that the game has people who are actually reading the chats that are being flagged so this feature isn’t being abused. If people are trying to help people regardless of the chat they are in they shouldn’t be warned. The game needs to implement some form of interpretation, whether it be mods in game who are the only ones able to report conversations and issue warnings or if you have mods screening conversations that are being reported. This isn’t a black and white situation there is a lot of gray area not even being looked at. What is causing the community to use AR as an all purpose chat? Is it because there aren’t enough chats or does it stem from the raunchy nature of general chat and off topic conversations or is it a mixture of both?


I remember when there was one chat. People were uncouth in it. Then several chats were made, and uncouth people continued to be uncouth in multiple places.

I don’t think the solution is to open yet more places. I’m just hoping for a balance between a free for all, and ban-Happy folks.

The standards are listed. They just aren’t always followed.


Flesh you got reported??? No way


As being one of the very first to post adverts for others, My goal was to strengthen our community. We were full for over 6 weeks and I took that time to help others. At first I took flack for it and was threatened of being reported myself. I continued to help others regardless. Now to get to the real point.

There is another post that needs addressing. It is relative to this one.

The underlying issue of reporting comes from too much chat. However, chat stops when a recruit enters. Problem is there are very few recruits. No one can argue this fact. With alliance creation being free, and level min. At 4 it will only get worse. New players quit shortly after making a new alliance. Now that alliance is leaderless of activity but being filled with bodies who also quit. It leaves us with thousands of no activity alliances and players feel obligated to stay in those that are active because they do not know they can leave. The exponential growth rate of players also has a drop rate and table effect. New players pick from a list and even with 27 or 24 members those alliances are half dead with zero Activity.

Bottom line: AR is broken, because alliance creation is broken.

1:level increase + gem amount increase.
We have many fine alliances to choose from. Name change is 500 gems why not something as important as leading an alliance be the same?

2: Leader check-in feature added:
This would be an easy way for SG to accurately find alliances with inactive members. Leader can check in daily, within 30 days of zero inactivity leadership is transfered to a co lead or disbanded. This frees up the issue and makes it more efficient.

3: Game info screen pop up
Simple information about alliances and information about options would help. Information about using what chats etc. While not as efficient as 2. It could be done by our under-used built in messaging system. SG could make a post to everyone about this.

As someone who has worked hard in the past in AR, don’t let the reports get you down. SG will do the right thing. @Petri

Kindness regards


Thank you for the feedback and I am sorry if you thought you have been warned for wrong reasons. All reports and warnings are processed by our support staff. We’ll discuss this here together with our support team and look into our processes. We do appreciate all players who take their time to help others out. If you are unhappy about your warnings, please contact our support and we can have a closer look. Also, I would encourage everyone to report any real violations to us, and if the situation requires, send us further details via support (screenshots, time and date).

As Rook noted, you can find your Community Guidelines and Chat Rules here:

Generally, we wish players to use appropriate channels for recruitment ads. Also sharing your ad here (on the Alliance Recruitment category) is a good option. However, I do hear you on the challenges of recruiting new members. Thank you @Yorick for posting your suggestions, perhaps this would deserve a topic of its own (under suggestions category)?


This is actually a genius idea, but new chats need to be a level - specific chat rooms. Levels 25 or higher, level 35 or higher. With general chat and off topic being mostly role playing chats now, new players who manage to find AR or PS mostly need help. That involves chatting with them. These are CHAT ROOMS. How can anyone really get a warning for chatting in a chat?! It’s illogical. I absolutely understand everyone’s frustration with warnings. People who curse and insult stay active for weeks no matter how many times we report them, but helping in a chat warrants a warning? It’s a system that definitely needs revamping.


Part of the problem in GC is the role players. When a new player gets into chat it seems they automatically start in GC. They are asking for information and we can’t get anything to them past role players or in game relationship tussles. I try to direct noobs to Peer Support or AR but my message is lost half the time it seems.

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Also, the Role Players do not seem to have an interest in this game other than for the chat. They haven’t hardly leveled in the 3 months that I’ve been playing this game.


Agreed there is to much talk to ar… I liked it better when it was just ads

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I liked the alliance recruitment room when it was strictly just alliance spam ads and you could
Scrolll threw and look around and see who’s recruiting. Now people are hanging out and chatting so much you can’t even see the ads. Making recruiting even more impossible. And if you’re not in the click of the people who constantly hang out in ar and basically took
It over forget about it. And the ads in ar that aren’t even alliance recruiting but telling people how to join alliances is ridiculous. Why did ar have to become a hangout I miss the old AR


Welcome to forums…:grinning::grinning::grinning:. Yeah, I know it is pretty pathetic when people get reported for spamming when they are just trying to post recruitment ads but sadly I don’t see a fix coming anytime soon…

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hi there @Datootfary , you said a bit up there that " When I recruit I like to chat the person up to gauge their personality and fit. " .lets face it , if you try to talk today with a recruit on AR … some one else gonna take him or her … that is the way things are atm … you just lure the person into you r alliance … and once inside you talk to him /her . The thing is that IS NOT ENOUGH PLAYERS ON AR … and too much recruiters ! … i hung up there at least 4 or 5 hours a day … I think that the privilege to Report should be given to high level players … and let the block button for anyone … ( in that case experience gonna teach you when to use the block button ) .


Would adding more chat rooms help? It’s one thing we have been considering.



Why do the recruiters chat in AR?
Because there are no recruits.
There, the cat bites its tail.

Merely posting your ad is no use. You have to stay there and try to snag those elusive recruits. Because if you don’t, the others sure will.


One idea, two chat rooms for Alliance recruiting: ads & chat?



Thank you for the suggestion.
However, to my mind, the problem is different:

There are too many alliances looking for members and not enough people looking for an alliance.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry level 5 or so can open an alliance and recruit. I pity the players who are lured into those.

Many alliances end up dead or half dead - shackling players who would be better off joining active, helpful alliances.

Alliance search is broken, directing players to dead alliances. While active alliances of … e.g. … 28 members do not even show up in the search.

@Yorick and @Revelate have reported their findings and made suggestions how to get at the root of the problem.

I do appreciate your active participation in the forum and your willingness to help the players and to make this lovely game even better.


I had that idea too, but it would be cumbersome to keep switching between the two. Maybe show them side by side? Although that might be too tiny on a phone (I am playng on ipad, so for me that would work). You wouldn’t have to post your add every 2 minutes and there should be a rule that you can only repost when it is off the screen.

I agree with this too, but I think these are 2 different problems, they are related, but should both be adressed seperately.


Not really.
The scarcity of recruits is the direct cause of the recruiters chatting in AR. Because there is nothing else to do. And you have to stay and watch for that elusive recruit. And not just post your ad and leave. Because that is useless.

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I don’t know that a new chat sorts it; I don’t even know if descriptions on the chat would sort it. I think a new chat for ads only wouldn’t be entirely remiss, but it probably should be of the format of the old campus bulletin boards where there was contact information but you couldn’t reply to it in the channel.

Enforcing that is pretty much impossible.

I know this is an easy fix, but right solutions are probably either to the mechanics of alliance creation / search (not quick and easy probably) or moderation and enforcement of the roles of the chat channels which isn’t really feasible based on the resources you have for additional head count (moderation is a pain too).

There’s more players in the game which means more alliances and therefore more people chatting… at some point we will wind up back here again which we basically have after every channel change that I can recall at least.

Stopgap solution, more rooms might work, but what would be really, really awesome, is a better search capability, and then our ability to post an alliance advertisement as part of the profile of an alliance. Add to that some functionality to get to a player’s alliance from the player’s profile page and I suspect that might sort a whole lot of the problem in addition to being a quality of life upgrade for people in game in general.