Reporting alliance for vulgar speech against the opponents in war just after matchmaking

Hello I want to report the alliance below for really vulgar and racist speech on the top of the alliance description message after the war matching! Attaching 2 pictures with the wright translate : "we will ■■■■ your wifes and mothers you ■■■■■■■ tatars… " Those words are unacceptable by any alliance in the game!! Already been reported but no action n

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This is awful. FYI users of the forum are players of E&P like you. You need to submit a support ticket to SG.

In my experience, if you’re expecting immediate action over the weekend, you will be disappointed. Creating multiple threads on the forum though, is not the solution either. :dizzy_face:


Totally vulgar, totally disgusting and disrespectful and totally unacceptable in any way shape or form. In this day and age this type of behaviour and attitude really does deserve some disciplinary action by SG.
Hopefully your support ticket will be fast tracked by the likes of @Petri etc


@Petri and @KiraSG PLEASE look into this and solve it QUICKLY

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This is something that Support do take seriously, however isn’t something that can be done from the fourm.

Please make use of the In-Game method of contacting support. Instructions can be found at this hash-tag: #contact-support

Or visually:

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