Reporting a bug

All allies share recieved damage.

Marjana class skill:
20% chance to dodge direct damage from special skill.

Opponents single target hero (example Poseiden):
Attacks Marjana, Marjana dodges, still wilbur takes damage from poseidon eventhough the source of the damage was dodged.

Given whats written on the heroes, isnt this a bug?

I got it on film…
20 character rule**

That’s not a bug, working as intend.

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I don’t think it’s a bug but more some silly “order of effect” that the devs have used…

On another thread about “dodge” and “spirit link/ Damage share”:

Link to the referenced “working as intended”:

Not entirely silly.

Imagine Wilbur create a shield that will divide damage. The shield defense is not equal on every if its surface. The part in the front of strong defense hero is stronger while the part in front of weak defense hero is weaker. When an attack hit that shield in front of Marjana, it is reduced according to her defense, the damage is then divided into 5. Then Marjana individually dodge the 1/5 damage.

The point tho is that if the strike is dodged than there shouldn’t be any damage to share out.

All just a matter of opinion tho… Devs have the final say.

That being said, doesn’t that make Rogue’s talent weird? Damage is dodged but not the status ailment.

Also been remarked upon before :stuck_out_tongue:
But yes; I think thats a bit stupid too… :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to report a bug, i use 3x roots for session 1 province 23 stage 11 with 21 energy flags, I only received 1x battle rewards instead of 3x, more over, i lost my level up to 40!

It is the inverse of Withstand ( status ailment avoided but damage taken ).

Dodge is just Evade plus Withstand.

But I now see why custom Minecraft servers were so popular. Players that want to change Evade, Withstand, Dodge, Wonderful Feast, Only a Flesh Wound and Axe Throw, could customize each one.

Sounds to me like 0 × infinity

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