Reporting a bug – Trials of Fortitude Vivica not receiving tile damage

In Trials of Fortitude Vivica not receiving title damage with her defense down from purple, blue, or green.

Do you by any chance have a screenshot or video of what you mean?

And what team were you using?

And do you mean no damage at all, or just a very small amount of damage?

I have a screen shot of the team I was using. I kept using Melebdor & Cadmen to drop her defense to allow for purple,blue and green tile damage and her power never dropped. Even when having a purple daimond followed with blue and green tiles.

In that screenshot I can see that you can match 3 yellows or 3 greens to attack the enemy Vivica (there is a 3 purple match but there is no hit guaranteed). Did you do any of those matches? And did the enemy Vivica received damage from any of those matches?

I mean any damage over 0, even it was 1 point of damage.

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Melandor and Caedmon do not drop opponent defense, they dispel buffs. Actually, there is no hero that lowers the defense in your team (from the screenshot).
From the screenshot you posted, I can see that you included only one “attacker” hero (Caedmon) alongside 3 healers and counterattacker with pretty poor attack stats (and tile damage). I dont really know if it is even possible to kill Viv with the team you selected. Vivica heals herself a lot, plus she gives +63% defense for 4 turns, and it might be quite impossible to kill her with the tile damage using almost rainbow team with 3 healers and counterattacker.

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Thanks for the info.

Yes when she did not have her shield I attacked her with a purple daimond and several blue and green tiles and she did not loose any power. It could have been because their tile damage was not high but normally I can see it drop and in this case it didn’t.

Did you see any damage numbers pop up at all as the tiles hit?

It’s completely expected that with the team you had you’d hardly do any damage at all, I’m just trying to figure out whether you ran into a bug, or just experienced the expected outcome of a team that has basically no hope of killing Vivica with tile damage.

What do you mean by power?

Opponents have Health and Mana

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