Reported for "spaming"


Hello i got a message from a small giant team saying that i was reported for spaming , just want to straight up this, i been accused from spaming because i was recruting and i was posting same txt everytime but i wasnt spaming it , the txt was just longer then the usual txt send by other players , but when someone is keep posting same smaller txt is ok for everyone? How those this make sense? I was treaded bad at the start of the game by the players on a “global” chat and now when i made my own alliance they are even worse now ,I feel a bit angry because i didnt do anything wrong and i got punishment , its only a warning but still not fair at all, now if i will want to recruit i cant because players who dont like me will report me ye? I never seen such a childlish people on a game then on polish global chat , if they dont know someone like me because im not using global chat they are treating people like sh… I dont care obviously but i dont want to get trouble because of them


Sorry to hear about you being reported.

Quick question, did you post your recruitment add in the “Alliance Recruitmenet” channel? Or in “General”?


In both channels , i know general isnt for recruitments but is not only me posting there all other player does it too , on recruitment channel your rarly find players , everyone is on general for some reason


I guess thats why you got reported.
And the other ones probably got reported as well.


I have also been reported (presumably for alliance recruiting in the wrong place).

If you think you have been reported in error, contact Game Support and calmly make your case.

From in-game, click:
Menu > Options > Support (other)


I havent seen anyone else getting reported , just me and one more person who had a bigger txt wroted on the page any other person who wrote only like “join my alliance” was fine … And i even saw them posting recruitment adverts of there alliance , non one give a thing about it because they are the “olders” of this game… In the Polish server anyway…


Follow Rooks advice then and take it up with the supreme leaders.