Reported abuse through in-game function - should I expect a reply?

The background: Last Tuesday, a group of 4 titan tourists showed up and joined our alliance en masse. I recognized the names from a previous excursion of theirs, so I kicked them rather quickly. I then shut down the game and went to sleep.

When I woke up, I saw that one of the TTs had rejoined the alliance just before matchmaking was finalized and then left afterwards - but not before leaving two nasty messages:
“Reported war name offline, dog leader. You don’t kick me. I’ll go. Wish you guys a war lost. If others do not enter, do not leave it open.” and
"likes to chase people. enjoy yourself. See you in 3 days. dog leader. "

I used the in-game feature to report the member in question (who shall remain unnamed here, for fear of violating the forum policy on naming and shaming) for harassment, and then blocked it.

I don’t care if some doofus wants to trash talk us online, but trying to sabotage our war is a little much. Fortunately, we won anyway, but it certainly didn’t leave a pleasant taste in our mouths.

Will this user ever face any consequences for their Richard-ish behavior and can I expect a reply from SGG regarding my report?

I very much doubt they will tell you what, if any, disciplinary action will happen.

A reply acknowledging the issue would be nice, at least.

Strictly speaking, most of that behaviour is anti-social, rather than actually breaking any rules so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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Hope you and the alliance are ok.
It never ceases to amaze me what low depths players can and do stoop to within a game.
Appalling behaviour should come with a consequence/ deterrent

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