Reported abuse through in-game function - should I expect a reply?

The background: Last Tuesday, a group of 4 titan tourists showed up and joined our alliance en masse. I recognized the names from a previous excursion of theirs, so I kicked them rather quickly. I then shut down the game and went to sleep.

When I woke up, I saw that one of the TTs had rejoined the alliance just before matchmaking was finalized and then left afterwards - but not before leaving two nasty messages:
“Reported war name offline, dog leader. You don’t kick me. I’ll go. Wish you guys a war lost. If others do not enter, do not leave it open.” and
"likes to chase people. enjoy yourself. See you in 3 days. dog leader. "

I used the in-game feature to report the member in question (who shall remain unnamed here, for fear of violating the forum policy on naming and shaming) for harassment, and then blocked it.

I don’t care if some doofus wants to trash talk us online, but trying to sabotage our war is a little much. Fortunately, we won anyway, but it certainly didn’t leave a pleasant taste in our mouths.

Will this user ever face any consequences for their Richard-ish behavior and can I expect a reply from SGG regarding my report?

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I very much doubt they will tell you what, if any, disciplinary action will happen.

A reply acknowledging the issue would be nice, at least.

Strictly speaking, most of that behaviour is anti-social, rather than actually breaking any rules so I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Hope you and the alliance are ok.
It never ceases to amaze me what low depths players can and do stoop to within a game.
Appalling behaviour should come with a consequence/ deterrent


Well, I’m not wrong though. Idk why you offended by that.

Personally, I am not offended by your post. Nevertheless, I think you are wrong here. Let me tell you why: Players join, Players get kicked. So far normal game mechanics, that happens every day. The Alliance Leader could have prevented this by closing the Alliance. Right.
But - and this is the whole point: The kicked Players rejoin and show antisocial behaviour. This could have been prevented by closing the Alliance, but this is not about him „protecting“ his alliance not right or him missing some basic settings. This is about one of the four players doing something wrong.

You basically told the victim: it’s your fault, you did not protect yourself well enough. I can see, why some people are offended with that.


I’m a merc and those are just as#$%&@s.

If you want to be a merc and don’t accept the normal fact sometimes you will get kicked (before or after your hit), you simply need some kind of anti-stress ball.

Screwing others matchmatching on top of that is a very low practice.

Well all of them are at fault. The mercs are a$$h0le and the victim is stupid enough made his/her alliance open. Cause the problem is why those 4 can join freely in the first place

So victims are stupid, because they didn’t protect themselves well enough?

Can’t follow you there. Sorry.

A victim of what? Some hurt feelings? He won his war, so really no negative there.

I don’t agree with the childish behavior from the merc, but it is an unfortunate reality of having an open alliance. The OP probably hurt the merc’s feelings by kicking him, so the merc acted immaturely. Maybe the merc thought he was the victim.

Of course. Did you think that all people in this world are nice like in disney movie. Even in disney there are some a$$h0le too. You have to becareful. And it’s your fault if you are not careful enough.

I‘m sorry, but I still disagree with you. Of course, the world is bad, and you better protect yourself from harm. But that does not justify social misbehaving or abuse of game mechanics.

If I leave my door unlocked, and someone comes in and steals all of my stuff, is that my fault?

Of course, I shouldn’t have left my door unlocked in the first place. That’s my bad.

But that certainly doesn’t excuse the behavior of the person who robbed me.

Just because someone leaves their keys in a running car, it doesn’t mean it’s suddenly “legal” to steal it. Might have been stupid of them to do so, and both the cops and their insurance company will probably smack them in the back of the head and ask “what were you thinking, dummy?”

But wrong is still wrong. And the onus should not be on the victim of a crime to prevent any potential crime from happening to them. The ultimate responsibility still lies with the perpetrator. Regardless of how “easy” or “tempting” a target the victim made themselves.


This topic has seemed to have turned off-topic and has run its course. Closing now

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