Report an issue on raids and suggest idea for game

It is almost a year I am playing and the favourite part for me is raids but I think there are some games that no matter how much you be good and have good team you are gonna lose it and other side some games you gain victory just automatically. I mean there are times on raids that loss or win are set already.
Maybe I get it wrong but I suggest developer work on puzzle part of game more, I mean each raid has puzzle inside and if players solve it they gain mana and victory. It made game more fun and let players who have average team but cleaver be stronger.
I downloaded game because I love puzzle games and the puzzle in game’s name attracted me and after that I loved all part of game.
I hope the first issue solve at least, our alliance players see it on wars too after winning 2 war the third one is impossible to win, if attack weakest team with your strongest team you loss finally.
I repeat maybe I am wrong and it does not exist but I am right I hope it will develop so soon

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